Selling a home can be stressful, and there are so many things for you to get done. One of the most important parts of the process is the home inspection.

  1. It Gives You Assurance

Getting a home inspection before you put it on the market makes you aware of any problems the house may have. This way you can get them fixed, or at least be upfront about them before the house sells. This will give you the peace of mind that there will be no surprises in the selling process and that everything will go smoothly.

  1. It Saves Money

If a problem is discovered the buyer’s home inspector, there is a good chance you could foot the bill. There’s also a chance that the buyer will come up with different, many times higher, the cost for repairs than you would. Also, if the buyer knows about any issues present going into a sale, they may accept the job of fixing it themselves.

  1. Transparency

Already having an inspection report when you list a home helps build trust with buyers. Being upfront will tell buyers that you take your responsibilities as a seller seriously and that you care about the house and the people who will live there. 

  1. It Gives You More Control

Getting a pre-listing inspection means that you will have all the information before you put the house on the market. You’ll know all the ins and out of the house, and you’ll be ready for any question thrown at you. Plus, knowing and disclosing all of this information could speed up the buying process.

  1.  You’ll Stand Out

With the home inspection already done, that’s one less thing that the buyer has to worry about. You’re taking something off of their very full home-buying plate. And, as mentioned before, they’ll see you as more trustworthy and credible. This will definitely stand out to those in the market for a new home.

The experts at Elite Group can help with your pre-listing inspection needs. Their professional home inspectors are thorough and can plan an inspection around your schedule, so you can take control of your sale on your time.