It is an exciting time to promote your next open house! Did you know 63% of people selling homes hold an open house? In urban areas that number jumps to 72%! Because open houses are so popular, we are pulling out all the stops to provide you with the greatest tips of the trade.

The Best Ways To Promote your Open House:

Tip #1 – Advertise

Some of the best places to promote your open house are:

  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • The local paper
  • Nearby coffee shops and restaurants

Start advertising the weekend before your event. This will allow, not only, more people to be aware of the property, but will give them more time to add the open house to their schedule. Utilize signage, Josh Niehaus, Elite Group Director of Sales says “The more signs the better. Check with City Ordinances on the maximum number of signs.”

Tip #2 – Social Media

Use social media to the fullest extent with these sites:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Create an Event on Facebook, and invite friends, family, and co-workers, ask them to spread the word! You may even want to make a short video, showing off the house when you are promoting on social media. Josh adds, “Post your open house everywhere online, Craigslist, FB, door knock the entire neighborhood inviting them to open house.” Tweet often about the property. Remember to always include the date, time, and address, of your open house, in all promotions. 

Tip #3 – Time and Place

The best time to host an open house is early to midafternoon Sundays. Place signs in the neighborhood where most traffic will pass them, attach balloons to the mailbox to make the house easier to locate, and to add a festive feel! Another great tip from Josh, “Get a list of cell phone numbers of neighbors using Mojo Dialer within a 5-mile radius. Send them a Slybroadcast voicemail inviting them to your open house”

Go the extra mile by providing free food and holding a raffle. For example:

  • Pizza party.
  • Pull out the grill for hamburgers and hotdogs.
  • Ice cream and cotton candy by the backyard playset.

Finally, Josh has this important advice, “Have good food and raffle gifts. Mass promotion is the key. You have to invite 5,000 to get 50.”

From the tried and true to the new and creative, we hope these tips help you have a very successful open house!