As defined by Hubspot, experiential marketing, also called “engagement marketing,” is a strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation. It is participatory, hands-on and has the ability to show what your brand stands for.

Real estate experiential marketing allows you to transform a standard event into a standout experience. 

Why Practice Experiential Marketing?

First and foremost, real estate experiential marketing is a win-win for everyone. Your prospective clients feel as though they’re an integral part of something and you’re able to gain a lead.

Experiential marketing engages prospective clients in a real-time two-way conversation, thus building a relationship. It also elicits immediate brand exposure by allowing people to experience your brand through a creative, interpersonal exchange.

Real estate experiential marketing is all about creating an exciting and enjoyable open house experience so that word about your property spreads to potential buyers and their agents.

By hosting an exciting event rather than a standard house-tour open house, buyers will remember your home more favorably than your competition.

Now that you know why you should try it out, listed below are some ideas you can use to reel in buyers!

  • Host a “How-To” Open House

Selling a starter home in as-is condition can prove to be pretty tough. First-time buyers may not know what to look for in a home and may be unaware that simple cosmetic changes can turn a starter home into a dream home.

While hosting your open house, invite some experts in construction, remodeling, and interior design to teach first-time buyers about home improvement projects!

First-time buyers will stop seeing the home as a fixer-upper and start seeing it as a home-with-potential.

  • Throw a Holiday Party

Around any holiday, there are houses on the market. So why not take advantage of that? 

For example, you can host a cookie competition in December where guests vote on their favorite cookie. You could also host a patriotic cookout in July! 

By transforming the plain old open house into an enjoyable event, people will be more inclined to remember the positive features of your home.

  • Play Up the Home’s Best Feature

Consider the selling point of your home. Is it a spacious kitchen? Could it be the back patio? 

Maybe if the kitchen is the focal point you could invite a local chef to come in and do a cooking class! If it’s the back patio, host a summertime barbecue! 

Whatever it is, make sure prospective buyers see and interact with it.

  •  Invite Clients to Help You Make Decisions

People love feeling like they’re a part of something. Whether it’s a social media poll or a survey, allowing clients to help you make decisions makes them feel like they’ve helped you and your business. 

For instance, Josh Niehaus, Director of Sales at Elite Group Inspection Professionals, says you can ask clients to help you choose what logos to use for your next brand. “Tell them your mission and what you are trying to create they will help you choose what logo best fits your mission. This relies on your ability to create a community around your brand,” says Niehaus. “Creating a community that feels connected to your brand can strengthen your business as a realtor.”

Start Planning!

Whatever you decide to do to utilize real estate experiential marketing, make sure it’s fun and memorable. 

Also, don’t bog down potential buyers as soon as they walk through the door, allow them to experience the great event you’ve created. 

With this new knowledge and these tips, you’re sure to host a wonderful experience!