Although you may not realize it, being a real estate agent can put you in some potentially dangerous situations. One of the most common of these is being alone with a stranger in a strange house. Fortunately, the BSafe app can help put you at ease and avoid threatening situations. What is BSafe? BSafe is a free mobile phone app designed to make users feel and be safer when alone or in new and unfamiliar situations. The app is packed with innovative tools to give you confidence in your personal safety. Since everyone always carries their phone these days, these features are readily available in a time of need. Features That Benefit You BSafe has many safety features that real estate agents can use to their advantage with the push of a button. Guardians This feature allows you to set up people you trust as contacts to be your “guardians.” You can invite these contacts to follow your location if you have to walk somewhere alone or alert them when you have arrived somewhere safely. SOS Button Say you’re showing a house and suddenly feel like you’re in danger. By pressing bSafe’s SOS button, your guardians will be alerted and given your location. Voice Activation What if your cell phone is in a pocket or just out of reach, and you don’t have the time to grab it? You can activate the SOS button with only your voice. In a crisis, the few seconds this feature saves can make a lot of difference. Fake Call If you’re ever alone with a client and get an eerie feeling that you just can’t shake, you can schedule a fake phone call on bSafe and use it as a way to get out of the situation. This can come in handy in a range of different types of situations. Live Streaming When the SOS button is activated, your guardians will have the option to see and hear everything that happens in real-time. The app will also record and save video and audio. Not only does this get you help in the moment, but it also provides you with proof and witnesses of what happened. Ideally, you will never actually have to use most of the features provided by bSafe. However, it’s nice to have peace of mind and sense of security that comes with having the app in your pocket.