You have a new client who decides they want to put their home on the market. It has all of the amenities of the perfect home, so it shouldn’t be on the market for too long, right? Not exactly.

A key feature that homeowners preparing to sell seem to miss is how the yard looks. Having attractive features and added interest in a yard can increase the value of the home.

Read on for 5 landscaping ideas to help your clients sell their home.

1. Blend In

If your client’s home stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, then there’s an issue. Motivate your clients to make changes that allow their home to look similar to the homes around them.

For example, if their house is the only one in the neighborhood that doesn’t have a pool, they might want to consider installing one before selling.

2. Pick the Right Plants

After they’ve blended in, have your client consider adding plants to their front yard! These can include shrubs, trees, grasses, and perennials. Picking the right plants will add color, height, texture, movement, and color to the front yard.

3. Pick the Right Size for Flower Beds

So your client has decided to add flowers to their front yard to help increase the value. Now the question becomes, how many flowers are too many?

Although large and overflowing flower beds look beautiful, potential buyers may become intimidated by how much work it’ll be to take care of them. By encouraging your client to keep their flower beds small, you’ll help them increase the value of their home.

4. Patios and Decks

Does your client’s home not have a patio or deck? Encourage them to build one! Patios and decks are great for warmer weather. They have the potential to be an outdoor dining room and living room.

Also, patios and decks give between 10 to 20 percent return on investment. Of all the landscaping ideas, this one is sure to increase the value of the client’s home.

5. Keep It Simple

Overall, most landscaping ideas will increase the value of your client’s home. It’s just a matter of how much is enough.

It’s important to remember that trends will shift, so your client should keep their landscaping elements simple. The more added to a yard, the more the potential buyer needs to maintain, which may not be attractive.

By keeping all of these landscaping ideas in mind, you should be able to help your client’s home reach its full potential by the time it goes on the market.