As a real estate agent, you put in a ton of road time. Not only do you meet with potential and actual clients, but you have to go to related stops like mortgage lender offices, San Diego home inspection company offices, and government buildings that deal with property records.

Have you been paying attention to the mileage you’ve been accumulating for work?

That’s where these 5 mileage tracker apps come in to help you figure out your deductible miles.

1. MileIQ

MileIQ is strictly a mileage tracker app. It uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and mobile data to track your drives. It is also automatic tracking, which means that you never have to press start or stop every time you want to track a drive.

Not only does it run in the background, but you can classify your drives as business or personal with a swipe function.

Also, to help you stay organized, you’re able to add extra details like the client’s name and if there were any parking fees.

MileIQ also provides a web dashboard so you can edit and sort your drives from your computer.

With a few taps on your phone, you’re able to send your accountant or yourself a detailed report of your mileage.

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Not only is Everlance a mileage tracker app, but it’s also an expense log! This app uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking to triangulate your position in real-time in the background on every drive.

When you’re done with your drive, Everlance allows you to view your entire route, total distance, and total estimated savings based on the IRS Standard Mileage Rate.

Just like MileIQ, Everlance also provides a swipe function so you can choose whether your drives are for business or personal reasons.

Also, this app keeps and maintains strict IRS-compliant records for tax purposes. Everything is itemized and easily downloadable. When you’d like to receive your report, you go to the Everlance Dashboard to export your data so you can deliver it to your employer or a tax professional.

3. Hurdlr

Similar to Everlance, Hurdlr is an expense log and a mileage tracker app. This app automatically tracks your commissions, expenses, and deductions with auto-categorization.

Hurdlr also actively tracks your business mileage in the background, with auto start and stop. All you need to do is drive so you can save money and stay organized.

A very useful feature of Hurdlr is that it will learn your routes by tagging repeat drives.

With Hurdlr, your mileage reports are always up to date, which makes tax filing so simple and expense reports that make reimbursement hassle-free.

4. Quickbooks Self-Employed

Quickbooks Self-Employed is another automatic, in-the-background mileage tracker app. A great benefit of this app is that it uses almost no battery when it’s tracking mileage.

This app also provides the swipe feature so you can decide whether your drive is classified as business or personal.

Quickbooks lets you avoid year-end surprises and know what you owe in taxes each quarter since you can easily separate personal and business expenses.

We know of at least one San Diego home inspection company that loves this software!

5. Mile Cloud

Mile Cloud also automatically tracks your miles in the background. Not only is it automatic, but you can manually add notes and photos to trips.

Instead of swiping to determine what kind of trip you’re taking, you will have to use a scrolling list and choose the appropriate tab.

A unique feature of this mileage tracker app is that it can be customizable. If you reach out to the makers of the app, they will build the features you need if you feel the app doesn’t cover everything.

Mile Cloud also has Today Widgets that allow you to see monthly expense summaries.

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