Before we get into the top 3 hacks you can act on to prepare your real estate agent Facebook page for this year, let’s illuminate 9 ideas for engagement on Facebook:

  1. Post Interaction
  2. Your Call To Action
  3. Save As You Scroll
  4. Boost Views
  5. Record A Video
  6. Download The Ads Manage App
  7. Create A Marketing Campaign + A Campaign To Generate Leads
  8. Use The Messenger App
  9. Run A Contest

If you want to learn the best ways to execute on all 10 of these tips, be sure to read the original post.

Otherwise let’s take a closer look on the top three Facebook marketing strategies you can easily act on this week.


#1 Go Live or Post a Video

Video is the future of online marketing.

And if you’re new to the vlog game, now is the perfect time to jump on board.

Get in the game by streaming live on Facebook or posting a video for the holidays.

You should use this time to experiment with video and find out what works best with you.

If you want to include some information about your area, great.

If not, just thank your audience for their support this year.

If you decide to stream live and notice folks tuning in, start the conversation.

There are plenty of conversations waiting.

You just have to take the plunge and start them.

And whether or not you unwrap a new camera this year, you can start recording live videos on Facebook, Instagram and also now Twitter straight from your smartphone.

No more excuses.

Start filming, get connected and land more qualified leads!

#2 Connect Through Messenger 

Let’s connect #1 with this step.

We’ve discussed Messenger a lot.

Folks will be expecting holiday greetings leading up to Christmas and Messenger is a great way to wish them a wonderful season and Happy New Year.

If you’ve got a pre-recorded video up, share it with your Facebook prospects via Messenger.

If you’re throwing a contest, give your viewers the most chances to win by letting them know all about it through a Facebook message.

#3 Host a Contest or Giveaway

If you really want to get your audience excited, host a quick contest or giveaway.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge.

In fact, if you’re hanging out at Starbucks this week, pick up a $5 or $10 gift card and use it for your prize.

Or, giveaway a custom calendar.

Let’s put these 3 steps together.

After you choose what you’ll give away and what folks need to do to enter – you can have them guess the price of a dream home in your area, post a photo of their Christmas tree, guess which Starbucks location you’re at…etc.

Keep it simple.

Once you do this, take to Messenger and let your friends and fans know that you’re getting ready to do a giveaway on your page.

Scroll through your past 5-10 posts and start by messaging everyone who has liked, commented or shared that content.

Then, get ready to go live.

Finally, get to the giveaway.

And you’re done.


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