Real Estate SEO is an intense game! Use this infographic to make sure your website is perfectly optimized for Google.

Today, Brian Dean shares some of his best tips for optimizing your real estate website for Google in this infographic:

Real Estate SEO Infographic

Infographic by Backlinko

Real Estate SEO Tips For Your Website

#1 Picking The Right Keywords

In Easy Agent Pro’s Google ranking case study, we ranked a website on the first page of Google in 1 day.  We did this through choosing a few smaller keywords and then stacking them together.

The key to Brian Dean’s method above is doing just that. You want to pick a bunch of keywords. Then you need optimized pages for them. And then stack them together on the same website.

Here’s an example


You’ll also notice that these keywords aren’t like “Dallas Homes For Sale.” The thing most real estate agents get wrong is that they target HUGE keywords first.

When you’re starting to build traffic from Google, you need a bottom up philosophy. This is the same type of activity agents recommend when getting started in real estate.

It works best to start from the bottom. And then work your way up to the top.

The way to do this is with keywords centered around small things.

One of my favorite stories comes from a broker using Easy Agent Pro in Boston. He created InstaFarm pages for various condo developments in Boston. They easily shot up to the first page. And he got a bunch of luxury leads from these pages.

Why did he succeed? 

Simple. He focused on getting achievable results first. And then building up to big keywords like “Boston Homes For Sale.”

This is what your keyword strategy should look like:

real estate seo

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

#2 Using The Keyword In The Title Tag

Ok; so now you probably have your real estate keywords. But what do you do with them?

The first step is to put your keyword in the title of your page. Like this (Easy Agent Pro):

real estate seo

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

This simply lets Google know what this page on your real estate website is about. And nearly every SEO expert agrees that this is the first step towards optimizing your website.

#3 Making Your URL Keyword Rich

The next step towards creating an seo optimized real estate website is to make sure the URL is keyword rich.

Here’s how you can do that:

real estate seo 2

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

Whether you’re creating a neighborhood page with InstaFarm or a blog post, it’s important to make sure you put your keyword in the URL. Easy Agents FindMe real estate seo app helps you do that. You can also customize the link yourself on your website should you not have a LeadSite.

#4 Using Your Keyword 3-4 Times Per Page

The next tip is to include your keyword in your website 3-4 times per page.

This is a tactic that causes some disagreement. People claim that they should use the keyword anywhere from 3-4 times up to 3% on their page.

I think Backlinko’s formula is a good rule of thumb to keep SEO simple. If you have a LeadSite, the FindMe app will help you calculate how often you’ve used your keyword.

#5 Using Keyword Synonyms

One of the best things you can do to increase the ranking of your real estate website is to use synonyms.

What’s that mean?

While, the keyword: “Auburn horse properties for sale” has many synonyms. You should also use phrases like:

  • Auburn horse farms for sale
  • Properties with horses near Auburn
  • Auburn horse properties

Here’s a quick trick for finding these keywords:

You can search the phrase on Google. And find a list of similar searches at the bottom of the site:

real estate seo 3

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

#6 Optimizing Images Alt Text

Images are an absolute must for real estate seo. But you have to make sure you properly optimize them.

How To Optimized Alt Text:

real estate seo 5

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

We’ve found this to really help clients get ranked on Google.

Here’s how we highlight videos and images on our InstaFarm Pages:

real estate seo

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

If you need more images for your website, you can check out this free stock image guide here. We’ve complied a list of the best stock images you can get for your website. The best way to use these image galleries, however, is to take photos yourself. You don’t want to put images like logos and stock images here. Take your own pictures and share unique vantage-points of the community.

#7 Using Internal Links On Every Page

Internal linking helps Google find your internal pages easier. Moz’s article on internal linking describes many different types of link structures you can create on your website. The key thing to keep in mind is that you should link to 5 pages on your website from every page.

This helps raise the awareness of all your important pages on your real estate website. In addition to being helpful for Google, it’s a great marketing tool for getting visitors to your website to start reading more. This strategy is key for getting more traffic from Google. If you write content consistently and then link to it internally, you will generate more leads.

Here’s how to setup internal links and boost your real estate seo:

real estate seo 7

(Via: Easy Agent Pro)

#9 1000+ Words Of Content

The final key to the puzzle is having text on the page. We recommend having at least 1000 words of content on your page when launching. The most success in real estate SEO comes from agents who go overboard with the text, however. Dustin Brohm is ranked on the first page of Google for “moving to salt lake city” and he wrote over 3000 words of text.

These Google tactics should help you get more traffic to your website. This if the first step towards building a truly self-sustaining inbound lead system for your business. Your real estate salary can be greatly impacted if you execute on these tactics over the long term.

I’ve seen first hand the effect of consistently putting out optimized pages for Google on a website.

Brian’s tips in the infographic above are fantastic. And I know if you put them to use consistently, you’ll have great results.

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