Wondering how to turn traffic on your real estate blog into more leads and a growing business? Use this powerful tool and these easy steps!

Time and time again, it’s been proven that your real estate blog is a great tool for increasing your online presence, getting traffic to your website, and sharing valuable content with your audience.

But as real estate agent, the real question is: How do you turn blog traffic into leads?

It’s actually easier than you think.

To get the best leads on your blog, you’ve got to give them something they want and can use right now.

And we’ve got the single most powerful tactic you need to do just that.

Here’s how to turn your blog into a lead-generation machine!


The easiest way to land leads directly from your real estate blog is to include free, valuable content that your leads can get in exchange for their contact info.

A quick giveaway paired with a tactical pop-up is exactly what you need to take each post from a simple piece of content to a lead-generating magnet.

The setup literally takes 1 minute.

And this is how it’s done:

Get Leads From Your Real Estate Blog, Step#1: Use Smart Pop-Up 2.0

In the app section of your LeadSite (Easy Agent Pro) dashboard, click on the Smart Pop-Up app.

Your brand new version will look like this:

You can now create custom smart popups specifically for your blog and start capturing leads!

This really is incredibly powerful. If you focus on sellers, you can create seller-focused blog posts, offer a free giveaway, and explode the number of leads you’re capturing for free with organic traffic.

What makes this different from a Squeeze page?

You could setup a similar system by creating links to Squeeze pages from your blog. (That’s how some of our clients have been capturing leads with their blogs for years!)

But Smart Popup 2.0 makes this process much easier — for both you and your site visitors!

First, it’s easier to setup for you. Our popup editor makes setting up (and even split testing) new popups a breeze and you don’t have to go through the full Squeeze page setup.

Second, the popup doesn’t force your site visitors to leave the blog post they’re already reading. They can simply signup for the free download… And keep reading!

Plus, smart popup makes it simple to embed attractive buttons into your text without any graphic design required!

What to include in your giveaway?

The next question we always get when it comes to getting more leads with your real estate blog is…

What do I give away?

Basically, you want to give away something that’s related to the topic of your blog post. You have a much better chance of getting leads from your blog posts if you keep your content topics connected.

So if you’re writing a blog post called: “The 5 Mistakes Every First Time Homebuyer Makes” …

You might consider offering a downloadable guide called “The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Home”.

If you’re writing a blog post called: “7 Questions To Answer Before You Sell Your House” …

Consider offering a downloadable guide called “How To Get Your House Ready For Sale“.

Just remember that your goal is to build trust with people visiting your site. So whatever you give away, make sure it’s truly helpful and valuable information.

Giveaways can be created in a variety of ways.

If you’re inclined toward writing, you can write one and add images in a simple word processor and just save the file as a PDF.

You can also use presentation programs like Google Slides, Power Point, and Keynote to create simple downloads that are more image-heavy (for those not inclined toward writing).

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