Most real estate agents think SEO is about getting traffic from Google. It’s not. It’s about getting clients from Google. Here’s how you do that:

How Do I Fix My SEO?

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…and here’s the thing.

There are really only 3 things most real estate agents misunderstand about SEO.

99% of the things that prevent agents from MASSIVE success with Google fall into these 4 categories.

Let’s get into them…

real estate seo


seo real estateThe first thing most people misunderstand is that SEO does not equal leads.

SEO does not equal #realestate leads.

SEO means you get traffic from Google. SELO means that traffic from Google turns into business for you.

You need to think about SEO (search engine optimization) from a lead capture angle from the beginning!

Otherwise, you’ll end up on the first page of Google and have no tangible business results to show for it.

This is the first thing most agents get wrong. It’s preventable with things like popups, slideins, calls to action, and videos.

In my opinion, your goal with SEO traffic should be to build rapport through videos and blogs. And then have at least 3 or more ways for them to become leads.


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Here’s the second big mistake most agents make…

They write one blog or make one InstaFarm. And then they worry about “OPTIMIZING” it.

Sure, that could work.

But it’s like bowling with a marble.

You have to roll that small ball down the lane PERFECTLY. And even then you still might not get a strike.

Think about it:

Google instantly trusts sites with more content. AKA: Sites like bowling balls.

The best SEO tip I can give you is to get content on your website. And then clean it up later.

Simply write as many posts with 750+ words, images, and a 1% keyword ratio.

Turn your site into a bowling ball.

Here’s a study HubSpot did…the data is telling:

You’re so much more likely to get leads from SEO with more blog posts.


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The final mistake I see agents make when it comes to Google is going for the big win.

You are not going to show up on Google for big city keywords without substantial work.

But, you can instantly show up on Google for smaller keywords.

For example…

Is there a new condo complex nearby?

You can make an SEO landing page for that condo’s name. Chances are that the builder has not optimized a great presence for that condo yet.

You can use your SELO knowledge to create the most imformative video, image, and textual page about that new development.

…and guess what? You’ll instantly see leads come from your efforts.

Here are some other smaller keywords to target:

  • City streets – You can create landing pages for popular street searches
  • Relocation terms – You should figure out what companies pay people to relocate nearby

These are easy SEO wins.

You should stack 10-20 of these easy wins before targeting the big keywords nearby.


Because Google starts to trust your site after you have a few of these pages built up.

Look at this study from SEOMOZ…

Image from SEOMOZ

They TARGETED 3 small keywords.

But, once Google saw this, it REWARDED them with traffic from a bunch of other searches.

This is what I call SEO Win Stacking.

You get an easy win. And then Google Stacks results on top of that win.

Ok, but what does a good SELO page look like?

Here Are 5 Examples Of Proper SELO Pages

1) Carrollwood Village Homes For Sale

By: Margaret Hassani | Carrollwood Village Homes For Sale


This SELO landing page is a great example of lead capture.

While watching a video, you can live chat or sign up to learn more without scrolling.

Underneath her video, she has plenty of text for Google to read. The page is a great example of an SELO

And the page is doing well on Google!

It’s on page 4 for a VERY tough keyword in Flordia within 1 week of publication.

2) Cottonwood Heights Homes For Sale

By: Dustin Brohm | Cottonwood Heights Homes For Sale

Complete_Guide_to_Cottonwood_Heights_Utah Homes_For_Sale

The next example is also doing really well on Google.

Within a few weeks of publishing, the URL is on page 2 of Google. You’ll notice the great lead capture in addition to the helpful information about moving to this neighborhood.

With these SEO pages, it’s very important to focus on being helpful.


Because your posts will just naturally be longer and have more images! The more text and images you have; the better you will show up on Google.

Example rankings:


3) Appleton Homes For Sale

By: Dan & Sue Frost | Appleton Homes For Sale

This page focuses on the things that make living in Wisconsin unique. They have a very complete image gallery in the center which is why I included it on this list.

Image galleries are a great way to boost your SEO rankings.

You can add a lot of image content to your page without cluttering the layout.

And in Backlink’s On Page SEO guide, he says this:


Your rankings are sure to climb the more multimedia you have.

4) Columbia Homes For Sale

By: Adrian La Fosse | Columbia Homes For Sale

Another key to making a Google-friendly page is using Google maps.

Adrian has created this page for Columbia, SC. And his Google map clearly outlines the community he is trying to service.

Over time, this will help his rankings.



5) Leawood Homes For Sale

By: Tim Ray | Leawood Homes For Sale

Tim Ray created this page with his InstaFarm app just a few days ago.

It’s a good example of how you can start a page with minimal information. And then fill it out as you go.

For example, he left two of the text sections empty.

If he goes back and puts text in them later, his rankings will jump drastically.

Look at this study by Pat at Smart Passive Income

This one individual tripled their website traffic by editing and deleting old content.

Google loves older posts that have recently been updated.

Tim’s page is a good example of the publish-a-little-bit-now and then come back to it later approach.

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