When people are in need of services such as yours, you want your business to immediately come to mind. You want people to see your logo and think Hey, I know that place! 

How do you do that? Simple: create brand recognition. 

Brand recognition is important for numerous reasons. Most importantly, it is so powerful! Establishing a strong brand awareness allows the audience to feel connected to your brand, and become familiar with your company and its services. 

As one of the more enjoyable marketing strategies, developing brand awareness gives you the opportunity to be creative. Check out some of the fun ways you can build your brand:  

Wear Your Brand 

Think about how many t-shirts you own that display some kind of logo. Why not do this with your own brand? Wearing your brand is an easy and effective way to build brand recognition and leave a lasting impression. It doesn’t have to be just t-shirts, either! Nowadays, you can put a logo on pretty much anything. Get creative! Brand jackets, dress shirts, hats, ties–whatever you can think of that you’d actually wear. 

Don’t only wear your brand at work. Your coworkers already know about your business. Sport your logo at the grocery store, the gym, your kid’s school play. Wherever! 

Consider handing out some of these items at events or conferences as a marketing strategy. The more people wearing your brand, the better! And, come on, who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? 

Wrap Your Vehicle

Vehicle wraps are not only a fun and creative way to showcase your brand, but also one of the leading advertising tools. Wrapping your vehicle carries all the benefits of a billboard, but without the placement restrictions. Your vehicle is seen by thousands everyday! You can even park your vehicle in a strategic location where your target audience will be sure to see it. 

Use your brand’s uniqueness to really make your logo stand out, but keep it simple and clean. After all, the vehicle wrap will be seen pretty quickly. Only include your most important message, and make sure it’s easy to read. 

Hand Out Freebies 

Build brand recognition by handing out some freebies with your company name or logo on them. Freebies are a great low-cost promotional tool, and the recipient will continue to spread brand recognition wherever they carry the item. 

Everyone loves free! But, that being said, don’t hand out junk. It’ll just end up in the trash. Brand things you think people will actually use: water bottles, pens, reusable bags, the beloved t-shirts we already talked about. Or, think industry-specific. Your home inspection company could give away flashlights or tape measures. 

Get Social

Your brand awareness strategy should reach the social world, too. This is the era of technology; visual content can easily be seen by thousands of people! 

Utilize social media platforms to post share-worthy content that sports your logo. Create images, infographics, custom GIFs, shareable quotes, testimonials, and anything else you can think of. Put some good content out there, and you’ll be well on your way to creating brand awareness!

Time to Brand! 

By establishing brand recognition, you can make your brand mean something to customers when they look at it. No matter what stage your business is at, brand awareness should always be considered. Get creative, and have fun with it. 

Now, get out there and brand!