What is Cloud Streams?

Cloud Streams is a real estate software designed to captivate your clients with fast and smartly designed listing alerts that are worthy of their inbox. It has the modern design of consumer portals with the accuracy of the MLS.

This platform helps realtors like you provide buyers with fast alerts that allow them to see all of the necessary information in a clean, crisp email.

How Does Cloud Streams Work?

These lightning-fast alerts contain large photos for big impressions since buyers are very visual when it comes to assessing the market. These email alerts make photos the main focus.

In addition to photos being center stage, these listing alerts have been designed for easy scanning of important details so that clients can make quick decisions.

Using Cloud Streams means that the emails being sent to buyers are completely branded to you. These emails are designed so well and clean that you’ll be proud of putting your name on them.

For a better understanding of how Cloud Streams works, Josh Niehaus, Director of Sales for Elite Group Professionals says, “Cloud Streams integrates aspects of Facebook and Instagram to show your clients properties via email. The clients can heart and like the properties that you auto send them through the CRMLS.”

Since clients are able to utilize Cloud Streams like a social media platform, you’ll be able to spot trends and stay in the loop of what buyers are doing while they search for their next home.

Being able to use Cloud Streams gives you, a realtor, a huge advantage in the market. Better explained by Josh Niehaus, “place your clients on a drip email campaign and send them properties that fit their criteria. Once the clients receive the properties in their inbox, they can interact with them. This is a more modern approach to sending your clients properties.”

Not Sure How to Use Cloud Streams?

That’s okay! The CRMLS offers a class to help you learn how to use CloudStreams.

Head over to CRMLS’s website to read the class description, and then head over to the webinar page to check out dates and times for the Cloud Streams class. Once you figure when works for you, you’ll be able to register for the class.

This class will teach the ins and outs of Cloud Streams so your business can continue to succeed.