Today, there are a ton of different ways to communicate with clients. From email to phone calls to texting, how do you decide which method is best?

Is a Text Best?

With all of today’s options, you may frequently ask yourself what is the most efficient way to relay information to your client. According to Kristi Kennelly at, clients tend to prefer being contacted through email or text rather than by a phone call. This is a quick and convenient way to communicate, but when is it appropriate? Trend MLS offers a guideline when it comes to texting, including:

    • Don’t use spam or group messages
    • Always proofread before you send
    • Be professional
    • Photos and videos of listings are to clients
    • Never text to deliver bad news
    • Respond quickly
  • Follow up with an email                 

A More Traditional Way of Communicating

Although texting is easy for both you and the client, phone calls and emails are still effective ways of getting in touch. Email is a great method to use for messages that are too long or too serious for a text. It’s also an easy way to contact new clients.

According to Realtor Magazine, calling clients is still one of the best ways to get your message to them. It allows you to have a personal conversation where you can read your clients’ emotions and get to know each other through your own voices.       

Ultimately, Kennelly suggests asking the client what their preferred method of communication is. This way, you can reach them where they are most comfortable and will be more likely to get a response.