We all know email changed the game, it’s used more than social media and has a higher response rate. In fact, 91% of people check their email daily. How can it increase sales and grow your client base? Through real estate email marketing. 
Email marketing extends your reach. For instance, it can grow your social media presence, find buyers, and maintain relationships with clients. This is done by engaging with new and past clientele as well as offering free information on their specific needs. What can you offer to a new homeowner, someone relocating to your area, and be front of mind with sellers? Go beyond an anonymous website and reach leads and prospects.


A monthly newsletter notifies people of what is happening inside of your business. They can showcase your team, the events you host, and teach buyers and sellers about the community. Your newsletter can detail what sets you apart and makes your company special. And most importantly, it can focus on tips and knowledge buyers, sellers, and prospects need for a good experience.


When you receive a new lead’s contact information introduce yourself with an autoresponder email. Over the next few days send info on the neighborhood and new listings. 

Behavior-triggered emails go out after the lead looks at a particular listing. It can provide more details on the property, open house hours, and how to contact you for a showing. This not only builds on your relationship but increases the loyalty of your brand. Due to laws and potential fines, you need permission to send these emails.

Stay in Touch

Marketing emails should show your personality. Whether reaching out to a new lead or someone you have worked with before, they should feel like you are professional and comfortable to do business with. Stay in touch with entertaining news on the local fair, shops that are opening, and restaurant reviews. Interact on social media. Hold their attention using great images and design. Link articles with interesting facts on remodeling projects, mortgage rates, and relevant advice for buyers or sellers. Attention to detail and quality content leaves readers excited for what you send next!

All of this JUST from email, what a powerful tool for your agency! If you need help with your real estate email marketing, research email service providers. They can provide you with customized email and newsletter templates. 

So Reach out, Showcase your workplace, Build relationships, Stay in touch, to Increase Sales and GROW your company!