SEO for real estate is critical to the success of your business. See how this one app can 10x your search engine results in just 4 easy steps!

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Mastering SEO for real estate can be exhausting.

Are you battling a case of the blogging blues or feeling worn down from SEO fatigue?

We’ve got just the thing to get you back on track and back to ranking higher on Google.

Best of all? It’s automated.

Which means less work and more results for you!

This one app will make your SEO 💥explode💥 and 10x your search engine results.

You have to see it in action to believe it.

Here ya go!

Can IDX Provide Value To SEO For Real Estate?

Is IDX “good” for real estate SEO?

Some pros would say no.

In this article, Inman News chatted with the former SEO manager at Move and to get some clarity on the subject.

They found that the challenge with utilizing IDX for SEO comes from its lack of uniqueness.

How can you optimize something that is also being delivered by tons of other websites?

It’s quickly going to start looking like spam, which Google will throw away immediately.

LeadSite InstaFarm (via: Easy Agent Pro) pages take care of a lot of this because they give agents the opportunity to add content around their featured markets and listings.

Increasing their unique value and ranking potential.

But is there still SEO value in IDX?

We say yes.

And here’s how you can get the most out of it.

Introducing: IDX Target Areas

We created a new app that makes it easier to increase your Google rankings automatically with your LeadSite.

You simply type in a list of all the areas or zip codes you want to target.

Then, your LeadSite creates a link to all of your target areas on the front of your site.

This gives Google more pages to crawl on your LeadSite and increases the rank-ability of your property pages.

In other words, Google will now see all of your individual listings instead of just the ones you list via your InstaFarm app.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go into your new IDX app in the Apps section:

2. Select your Target Areas via the IDX App:

3. Put the embed code it gives you on any page you’d like:

4. The embed code generates a cluster of cities and zipcodes that your visitors can click on (and Google can crawl), like this:

Just 4 steps and you’re done!

Now all of your IDX listings are searchable.

Overnight, Google will go from seeing a couple hundred pages to thousands of pages.

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This can and should be added to any page on your LeadSite!

It’ll improve your SEO rankings and help you get free leads from search traffic.

Ready to check out LeadSites?

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A Few More LeadSite Updates To Brighten Your Day

Listing Sitemap

With the launch of the IDX app, we’re increasing the SEO for real estate effectiveness of your IDX by including a listing sitemap!

It lists every listing on your site by zipcode.

You can access it by going to APPS > FIND ME.

You’ll find the link listed right next to your other sitemaps.

LeadSites Leads Integrate With iHomefinder

In addition to adding a listing Sitemap to LeadSites and Target Areas for you to increase your SEO for Real Estate… we’ve also rolled out an iHomefinder integration with Paths!

That means LeadSites now can send leads directly into iHomefinder!

You can now add leads from Squeeze pages, Contact Me, InstaFarm or any other EAP App directly into iHomefinder.

This lets you drip IDX listings on all of your leads.

A Peek At What’s Coming Up

Ready to look better on social media?

We’re pushing code to your LeadSite that allows you to use both Rich Pins on Pinterest and Twitter Cards on Twitter.

Each of these tools will help you create a richer, more engaging experience for your followers and prospects on social media.

Rich Pins

If you’re a Pinterest user, for business or pleasure, you’ve probably heard of Rich Pins.

They let you provide extra details about the content you’re sharing directly on the pin.

Rich Pins can definitely help you and your content stand out on Pinterest.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are similar to Rich Pins and can help drive traffic directly to your website.

With only 140 characters to tweet out, Twitter Cards allow you to deliver way more content and value in a single tweet.

Users can attach photos and videos to their tweets for all their followers to see.


Both of these tools will absolutely help your SEO for real estate and make your content more visible to leads.

We’ll keep you posted on this roll out along with all other great future updates you can expect to see on LeadSites.

Still getting the hang of SEO?

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