While fall isn’t as slow a real estate season as winter, it does begin a significant slide around the end of October. This is when you may find yourself digging deep into your CRM for fall real estate lead generation that will keep you going over the winter.

While contacting folks in your database is a perfectly respectable lead generation technique, you may need to go a bit bigger, or, at least, think more creatively in preparation for the coming slow-down.

We’ve rounded up some tried-and-true fall real estate lead generation techniques and some you may have never considered. And we bring them to you early enough so that you can get started on the planning.

1. Fall is for families

October is probably every kids’ favorite month. After all, when else can you get tons of candy from total strangers? But, there is also a fair number of adults who go bonkers over Halloween as well so you can’t go wrong holding an Oktoberfest or Halloween get-together.

Our buddy Kris Lindahl discovered the value of offering free pumpkins a couple of years ago and his Great Pumpkin Giveaway is one of the most highly-anticipated fall events in his area of Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

In fact, in 2016, Lindahl snagged the Guinness World Records title for “Longest Line of Pumpkins.” There were 15,000 people in attendance.

So, maybe you won’t have that many people at your event, but invite prospects, former and current clients, vendors and friends (be sure to tell them to bring friends, too) and you’re on your way to not only getting face-to-face with prospects but reinforcing your brand as well.

Events to consider, aside from a pumpkin giveaway, include:

  • Hosting a haunted house
  • Pumpkin carving or pumpkin pie-eating contests at a local park
  • Trunk-or-treat event in your brokerage’s parking lot
  • Mini Oktoberfest celebration. Find inspiration online at goodhousekeeping.comchowhound.com and huffingtonpost.com.

2. The easiest door-knocking you will ever do

Ok, we admit, this isn’t our idea – we found it online and we think it’s brilliant, especially for the more introverted among us.

Organize a canned food drive for Thanksgiving and go door-to-door, introducing yourself and asking for cans of food for the local food bank.

The agent we learned this tip from has bags printed with her branding and contact information and leaves one with each homeowner with a promise to return at a future date to pick it up.

Not only do you give back to your community with this idea, but you’ll get your name in front of potential clients and establish a good reputation. It’s pure genius.

3. Fall real estate lead generation: Host a football party


For many, fall means only one thing: football. Win the hearts (and business) of these pigskin fans by throwing a neighborhood tailgate party.

It will take some advance planning (location, food and drinks, games for the kids, setting up the TV and invitations), but the result can be an event that people look forward to every year.

Location is the first consideration. Agents have held their “tailgate” parties in their own backyards or in a local park. If you opt for the latter, you’ll need to check with your local parks and recreation department about the legalities and costs involved.

Offer food and drink stations, comfortable places to sit to watch the game on the big screen you’ll provide, warm blankets for those who get chilly and games or other entertainment to keep the kids busy.

4. Ok, let’s dig into that CRM

If the previous fall real estate lead generation ideas don’t float your boat, consider using your downtime to reach out to past clients and others in your CRM.

Start with anyone for whom you’ve ever done a CMA. Check first to ensure the home didn’t eventually sell and that it’s not currently listed. Then, pick up the phone and give them a call.

Too intimidating? Plan a touch campaign that doesn’t involve the phone.

  • Something as simple as postcards reminding them of how much equity they’ve built up in their homes may just be the impetus they need to consider selling again.
  • Reach out to past clients around Thanksgiving. Deliver a freshly baked (our bought) pie or a note telling them that you donated a turkey to the local food bank in their name.
  • Host a luncheon for your top-tier leads and past clients that are most likely to refer you.
  • Hold a toy, sock or warm coat drive at your office and invite everyone in your database to drop off a new, unwrapped toy, new and warm socks or gently-used coats.

Real estate’s slow season offers a chance to recharge, reevaluate and reconnect. Take advantage of it with some fall real estate lead generation to ensure you don’t remain in the doldrums.

What are some Fall Marketing Techniques that have worked for you?

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