How does your company get on Google’s first page? Well, a popular belief is you pay. And you pay a lot. What a myth! Here we are going to share some tips of the trade to up your Google ranking.

First Step – The Right Keyword

Your keyword is the word most people are searching for. Google keyword planner tool will show you the words in your business that are the most in-demand. The best way to optimize your website is to use those words on your website, in your description, metadata, and blogs. It will be tempting to overload all of your content by constantly repeating your keyword if you do this Google might think you are spam. Mention them two or three times on every page or blog.

Second Step – Content, Content, Content.

The more you fill your site with data users are looking for the better. For example, if you are writing about how important an open house is, fill your article with everything a seller needs to know in a minimum of 1,800 words. Appeal to readers by using keywords that are well defined and run smoothly in your writing. Descriptions that are easy to read and broken up with quality graphics, boost your Google ranking. When your content is the very best at providing information people need, other sites will link to you and your Google ranking will really take off.

Third Step – Google it

Seriously, Google has tools like keyword planner and search console, to name a few, that will do the work for you. Google Search Console shows you data on impression, click, and click-through rate, in other words, how your SEO is performing. Did we mention that it is FREE? There are many tools available, research to find your best fit.

With a little time and effort, you can achieve a higher Google ranking. Good luck, we’ll see you on the first page!