As a real estate agent, accumulating work-related expenses is part of the day to day job. Keeping track of these expenses and getting reimbursed for them is made easy with Expensify.


What is Expensify?

Expensify is an online tool that helps you keep track of things like mileage and work purchases in a quick and easy way. To use Expensify, you simply sign up for an account on their website. From there, you can you their mobile app to track your expenses on the go.


How Can It Benefit Me?

There are many ways Expensify can be helpful to those working in the world of real estate, taking some stress out of the workday. Here are a few:


Track Your Mileage

If you find yourself driving all over town to show houses and meet clients, Expensify has an easy way to track how many miles you drive. Simply take a photo of your odometer on the app before you begin driving and then again when you’re finished. (You can also read more on mileage apps for realtors HERE)


Scan Receipts

Whenever you make a work-related purchase, you can take a picture of your receipt on Expensify, and the app will submit an expense report for the purchase. You even upload digital receipts.


Get Reimbursed Quickly

Expensify offers next-day reimbursement when expense reports are approved. This is done through direct deposit, so you get your money back in a fast and easy manner.

Expensify also offers other services, including account syncing, travel benefits, and more. To see everything they offer check out, and say goodbye to tedious expense reports.