Planning, implementing, and hosting a real estate meet up can seem intimidating. Although there is a lot of work that goes into this type of event, you will reap invaluable rewards from this experience.

Read on for the reasons you should host your very own event and how to go about planning one.

5 Reasons You Should Host

1.Face Time

By hosting different events, you’re increasing face time with past, present, and potential clients. By meeting in person for something enjoyable, you’re leaving a great impression and staying in that top-of-mind position.

2.Mailing Lists

Your event allows you to gain more email addresses. By creating events and asking people to RSVP through Facebook and sites like Eventbrite, you’re building a database of emails (A.K.A. a database of potential leads).

3.Personal Touch

At the event, you can take photos or record videos of your guests. Then when you send a handwritten thank you note to the attendees you’ll be able to attach the photos or send them the link to the videos. This provides the attendees with great memories, and they’ll remember the personal touch you added to make the event spectacular.


The marketing portion of your event provides for great content. Once your real estate meet up is over, you can write blog posts or create other forms of content to let people who missed the event know what a huge success it was and why they shouldn’t miss the next one.


Your event can focus on what you’re passionate about. It can be about family, the outdoors, fashion, or food! The sky’s the limit for what your event can be. The exposure of your real estate business will be apparent, no matter which theme you pick.

How to Host Your Real Estate Meet Up

Now that you know why hosting a real estate meet up is beneficial, let’s figure out the planning process.

  • Pick a theme (happy hour, poker night, holiday party, etc.)
  • Figure out your budget.

Here’s a tip from Elite Group’s Director of Sales, Josh Neihaus: have affiliates chip in and help share the cost.

  • Market your event – people won’t come if they don’t know about it!
  • At the event, be a good host. Arrive early, greet everyone, and network!
  • After the event, follow up with the attendees. Send them a handwritten thank you note for attending.

Now that you know all the reasons why you should host a real estate event, get out there and start planning one!