Get more leads with a supercharged real estate lead generation engine! Here are all the tools you need to fill your pipeline with quality leads.

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Agents depend on a powerful real estate lead generation engine to keep the sales funnel full of prospects.

In order to keep yours up to speed, you’ve got to pop the hood and make sure all the smaller parts are in line to keep the engine running at maximum capacity.

Today we’re going to give your real estate lead generation engine a tune up to ensure it’s generating the best possible leads for your pipeline.

Let’s ride!

Develop Content That Connects

No matter how compelling your lead capture strategies are, they won’t measure up if you don’t have captivating content to support them.

Your real estate website should be populated with a library of diverse content specifically created with your lead personas in mind.

This is what you need:

Blog Posts

The cornerstone of your content will likely be your blogs.

If you’re a LeadSite user, you’re already used to receiving two weekly blogs from us to share with you network.

However, creating unique content specifically for your area is still a must.

Making a good impression starts with knowing the people you’re talking to.

You have as much to learn from them as they do to gain from you.

This knowledge will also greatly factor into the content you create and how you conduct yourself on social media.

To really understand your target demographic, you’ve got to do your research.

Think about who your ideal client is.

What does this person look like? Do they work full-time? Have kids? Are they single or married? Homeowners? Renters? How much money do they make? What does this person value? What are their goals?

These are the people you want to speak to directly through your real estate blog.


eBooks are a great value proposition for your leads.

And they’re super easy to create.

You can send them out via email, plug them behind a landing page, and use them to create an irresistible free offer on your blog posts.

The easiest way to land leads directly from your real estate blog is to include free, valuable content that your leads can get in exchange for their contact info.

A quick giveaway paired with a tactical pop-up is exactly what you need to take each post from a simple piece of content to a lead-generating magnet.


Giveaways can be created in a variety of ways.

If you’re inclined toward writing, you can write one and add images in a simple word processor and just save the file as a PDF.

You can also use presentation programs like Google Slides, Power Point, and Keynote to create simple downloads that are more image-heavy (for those not inclined toward writing).


Video marketing has the potential to unlock dozens of new networks and prospects for you.

And you don’t even have to start a Youtube channel if that’s not your jam.

You can upload property and neighborhood tours, tease upcoming listings, advice-based videos, and even vlogs directly to your website.

This will set you up with a ton of unique content to share on social media.

Upload your videos directly to Facebook and link back for your website to start driving qualified leads to your content today!

Research and Market Reports

At first glance, market reports and findings may not seem like the most desirable content to include in your real estate lead generation engine, but they can be.

You can create monthly reports and even case studies to give your audience an informed and personal look into your market and community.

There are an unlimited amount of places online your prospects can visit to obtain more details about buying or selling their home, or moving to a new area.

You can make sure the content they land on is yours by providing unique content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Diversify Your Lead And Traffic Sources

The most successful companies balance their lead generation efforts across multiple channels.

Consider focusing on these avenues:

SEO & Your Real Estate Website

Here’s a quick guide to optimizing your website.

Email Marketing

Email has been proven time and time again to be the best driver of profits in terms of lead generation.

Social Media

We coach hundreds of real estate agents every month on how to generate leads online using LeadSites paired up with Facebook advertising.

The cool thing about social media is that it’s always growing changing and there are plenty of new ideas we can implement to grow our online presence and generate leads.

People like, comment, and engage with things on Facebook that are interesting to them!

Take a look at these two ads –

See what I mean?

Just like you’re going to be testing your giveaways and pop-up offers, the same can be done for Facebook.


While so much of real estate marketing has gone digital, don’t overlook the value of face-to-face lead capture.

There are endless opportunities to serve your community in person and meet new qualified future clients.

Whether it’s through referrals, open houses, or community events, always be ready to show your market what you can do for them.

After you make initial contact, they can then visit your website and social media profiles to increase their confidence in proceeding with you as their new agent.

Include These 4 Elements In Your Next Lead Generation Campaign

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

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Ease your leads doubt or concern with an irresistible offer.

But how do you make them want it?

It’s all in the delivery.

The way you position your giveaway will determine its success.

With Smart Popup 2.0 for LeadSites, you can easily split test your buttons and customize the text and colors to determine what your leads really want.

Take your copy to the next level with this post from


Equally as important as your offer headline, is the call-to-action you pair with it.

You can also use Smart Popups to split test your CTAs and see which ones grab your audience’s attention.

You can and should use them anywhere that you’re marketing your offer.

Landing Page

You can take the same giveaway you’ve used on your blogs and stick it behind a perfectly optimized landing page to increase lead capture and conversion.

Just like your blogs and offers, the language on your landing page should instantly communicate value and urgency.

When writing headlines for a page like this, keep your target audience in mind. You can try a variety of headlines like:

  • Are stairs killing your knees? Get my exclusive list of single-story homes!
  • Empty nest? Downsize to a gorgeous, single-story home! Sign up to get an exclusive list of every single story home in Denver.

Or this one –

When writing the headline for your landing page, try a fresh take like this:

  • The 5 Secrets Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know (But Don’t Usually Find Out Till After They Buy!)
  • 3 Easy Tricks To Making Your First Home Purchase Fun and Stress Free!
  • 7 Ways To Buy Smarter! How To Avoid the Road Bumps Almost Every First Time Home Buyer Hits


The most important component of your landing page is the opt-in form you provide to capture information.

The fewer fields your form contains, the better chance you have of converting those leads.

You want to create the least work as possible for your leads.

On the other hand, the more information you collect, the more likely you are to capture high-quality leads.

What’s the solution?

Do both!

Just as you split-test pop-ups, you can create multiple landing pages to track conversions and the ultimate success of the campaign.

This becomes particularly powerful when you create a Facebook ad campaign to promote your landing page and target your lead personas.

Have you been keeping your real estate lead generation engine well-oiled?

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