How can you capture 40 real estate leads this week? Follow Andrea’s lead to find your real estate niche and figure out what specific angle is going to work for you in your market. Here’s how!

Meet Andrea

She’s a Baton Rouge-based agent and awesome LeadSite (Via Easy Agent pro) user.

Recently, Andrea has been executing on a lot of Facebook campaigns to drive qualified leads to her website.

She started with several of the niche real estate Facebook ads that have been generating great results for other agents.

Like this single-story home ad campaign.

Or this targeted foreclosure ad that landed Kasie 10 leads in 60 minutes.

Only these ads didn’t work for Andrea’s area. She didn’t get the results she wanted and leads definitely weren’t converting like they were for other agents.

Instead of continuing to run ineffective ads, or quitting Facebook ad marketing altogether, Andrea did something great.

She realized that not all ads, no matter how successful they are for other agents, work for every agent.

In fact, it’s this kind of one-size-fits all marketing mentality that too often causes agents to fail.

For Andrea, failure isn’t an option.

To push past this set back, she dug deeper and found herself a real estate niche suited for her farming areas.

And here’s exactly what she did to execute on it and land 40 leads for less than $80 in just one week.

What’s In A Niche?

You hear us talking about finding your real estate niche.

A lot.

But what comes to mind when you actually think of what it means to have a real estate niche?

Instead of thinking about your real estate niche as finding your place in the industry, think of it as filling a gap in the market and meeting a need.

The real estate niche you carve out for yourself allows you to become an expert in an area that is otherwise being undeserved or overlooked.

And not all niches are created equal. That’s the very thing that makes them unique and that will help you to succeed.

Back To Andrea’s Story

After Andrea stopped going after a real estate niche or two that didn’t work for her area, she set out to discover one that would serve her community.

Her findings?

Gated Communities

She quickly noticed how many local subdivisions were filled with gated communities that offer both security and exclusivity to residents.

To get started on her research, Andrea hopped over to Zillow to see what kind of results the portal generated for buyers looking for this specific kind of home.

And there wasn’t much available to her, or hungry buyers.

This is how she found her new real estate niche.

Your niche should offer value to your audience and knowledge that can’t easily be found elsewhere.

Next, she needed to compile a list of all the gated community homes in her area. And for Andrea, it was truly a labor of love.

Andrea was amazed at just how many listings she found that weren’t being pulled by Zillow or other highly-competitive sites.

If she as an agent couldn’t easily locate these properties, how would buyers be able to find them?

She created a market for every gated community home in her area and listed all of them in her IDX dashboard.

Then, she was ready to roll out a new campaign.

To start, Andrea created a landing page to send leads to when they clicked on her Facebook ad.

And then she made her Facebook conversion ad to drive leads to her landing page.

Keep in mind that up to this point Andrea has already been using Facebook to get leads, so all she needed to do was plug new details into a formula she was already comfortable and confident executing on.

She targeted second or third time homebuyers ages 40-65+ who are likely to move with an annual income of 100,000+.

What’s almost as important is who she didn’t target.

The top three categories she opted to exclude were:

  • Anyone with a profession in the real estate industry
  • Renters
  • Those with an annual household income less than $100k

Her final ad looks like this:

Notice how she included that this info could not be found on Zillow, which really drives home the immense value of her content and services. This is a great way to intrigue leads, especially if you’ve done your research like Andrea and can prove it.

Andrea also kept her verbiage cohesive and consistent across the Facebook ad and landing page. She found that this created a sense of unity and helped her gain trust with her prospects.

She decided to run the ad for 8 days, but noticed on day 2 that she still wasn’t getting great results.

Read on to see how she found success!

Try, Try Again + The Power Of A/B Testing

Instead of starting a new ad campaign, Andrea simply changed her landing page to see if that would yield better traction.

She kept the ad running and edited it to instead send leads to this new page.

Visually, this new landing page is a little more straight forward than the first one.

There’s a gorgeous picture of an ideal gated community along with details that align with her Facebook ad copy and then finally, the opt-in button.

But in this case, Andrea has given leads the option to simply continue with Facebook to get their free listings.

And this made all the difference.

Andrea discovered that directing leads to this page from Facebook and having a Facebook opt-in button created a more fluid experience for leads and encouraged conversion.

Now, instead of navigating to a web form, they can simply continue their Facebook experience.

Ultimately, Andrea ended up getting 40 leads at about $1.95 per lead.

In just one week.

If you’re a LeadSite user, you have several Facebook opt-in pages styles available to you.

What Andrea did here was organically split test two landing pages to discover which one performed better and landed her more leads.

This is something you can do, too!

In fact, we’re currently working on a brand new update that will let you A/B test squeeze pages from the very beginning.

Stay tuned!

Finding Your Real Estate Niche

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