Marketing is essential for any business in any industry to thrive, and if the key to real estate is location, then the key to marketing is communication. How do you get your message out to prospective clients? You communicate with them. You communicate through billboards, through television, through social media, and so many other mediums. However, don’t forget that communication is a two-way street. When your message is received, how will people answer? Business Cards This may seem obvious, but there is a reason business cards are a staple in the real estate world. They provide an effective way to get your information directly into the hands of buyers. A card with a straightforward design and clear contact information can make you stand out and stick in buyers’ minds.

Your Website

Make It Easy To Find What good is a website if no one knows about it? Your website domain is something you can include on your business card. You can also provide it in ads, signs, and other promotions, making it a home-base for interested buyers. Have a Contact Page Your website should have a separate page where all contact information can be found, including your business address. Content Marketer Megan Marrs of Word Stream also suggests that the contact page be attention-grabbing and easy to find. Nobody wants to go on a scavenger hunt for basic information. Your Phone Number Although all information is on the contact page, your phone number should also be on every page of your site. This gives users a primary way of contacting you, no matter what page they are on. It may seem trivial, but it is convenient and right there when buyers decide they want to connect with you. Other Websites The Internet has made big changes in both real estate and marketing. For example, Google Listing is a great tool that allows your business to appear when nearby buyers use Google for real estate related searches. It is free to use and provides them your phone number and a link to your website. Other real estate sites, such as, also serve as ways for buyers to find and contact you. Using these sites, they can find houses they are interested in right from their computer, leading them right to you. Your Social Media Social media is another method of communication that is becoming more and more prevalent, so it is beneficial to be open to contact directly through it. It’s also a good idea to include your contact information on all social media accounts. However you are communicating with your audience, be it in person, advertising, or anything in between, make sure they know how to contact you too.