There are about 49 weeks left in 2019. If you post to Facebook only once a week, this means you have 49 chances to generate Facebook real estate leads.

Coming up with topics is a toughie, but we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you by compiling a list of 49 post ideas to assist you in your Facebook marketing for real estate agents.

Does it go without saying that most of these topics should be in blog form first and then shared to get Facebook real estate leads? 

Facebook real estate leads - Blog first, Facebook post later

We hope so, because, if done right, your Facebook posts will drive traffic back to your real estate website, where folks will want to engage with more of your content and hopefully become a lead.

Below are a mix of topics (which is exactly what you should be posting to social media), from general to local and many don’t have anything at all to do with real estate.

We even point out some brilliant sites on which to start your research or find inspiration for many of the topics.

Facebook marketing for real estate agents is a lot easier when you know what to post. So, let’s go!

Local topics to generate Facebook real estate leads

  1. Kitchen trends for 2019 – Elle Décor and HGTV can help you out here (by the way, it’s also one of the most shared topics on right now).
  2. Housing market news (rates on the rise? New home starts picking up?) Check out,
  3. Local housing market statistics (homeowners LOVE this stuff). Dig into your MLS for info. Remember to make it readable for the average consumer.
  4. List of restaurants in your market where kids eat free. Get inspiration here.
  5. Create a perfect date night scenario, like this one at Lake & City Homes.
  6. Monthly or weekly event calendars. Also check out this one at
  7. Where to dine out for Easter brunch, Thanksgiving dinner, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  8. Create a day trip from your town. Here’s one from Kris Lindahl’s blog for inspiration.
  9. Holiday movie binge list. Lindahl did one for Thanksgiving and Easy Agent Pro gave you one to post for your clients about Halloween (with a real estate theme).
  10. [Number] things to do with your kids in [our town]
  11. [Number] things to do with the dog in [our town]
  12. Free things to do with your kids this weekend
  13. A list of local eateries that offer patio dining
  14. A list of dog-friendly restaurants in your town
  15. Where to find yoga classes in your town, or The Best Yoga Studios in [name of town] (yeah, yoga is still wildly popular)
  16. Best camping spots, fishing holes, hiking/biking trails in and around your town
  17. Summer camps for kids (this could be a series – tech camps, horse camps, golf camps, etc.)
  18. Where to ice skate for free Posts to attract homeowner Facebook real estate leads
  19. Home staging tips
  20. List of down payment assistance programs in your city, county, state.
  21. Credit score tips (how to raise it, how to dispute mistakes, the score you need to buy a home)
  22. Gardening tips – homeowners love these and the topics are endless. Houseplants are predicted to be a huge topic in 2019, so articles such as which grow best in low light, which are pet and kid friendly will do well. Seasonal garden tips are popular, such as how to protect plants from frost in winter, how to get your lawn ready for spring, etc.
  23. Home maintenance tips – again, you might want to do a seasonal tip list, such as how to prepare your sprinkler system for winterand check out Kyle Hiscock’s brilliant advice in his 16 Spring Home Maintenance Tips For Your Home post.
  24. Home repair and improvement tips – Brainstorm a list of home improvement projects that are popular with homeowners. Ideas include flooring, windows, fresh paint and landscaping. Forbes has a list of popular projects and you’ll find more ideas at familyhandyman.
  25. Preparing to sell – which improvements/repairs should be made? We wrote one for your clients that you can check out at Do you counsel your listing clients to get a pre-sale home inspection? Check for clouds on the title? Stage? Posting to Facebook is a breeze with a LeadSite – Automate your social media so you can get back to running your business. Learn more What makes your neighborhood special?
  26. Highlight a different local non-profit once a month.
  27. Neighborhood descriptions. You’ll find examples online, such as this one at
  28. Every year, Pantone releases its Color of the Year. Post a swatch and ask your followers what they think of it and ask for feedback on their favorite paint colors for the both the interior and exterior of a home.
  29. Share the latest smart-home technology (why should they have a smart lock, what a smart thermostat can do, etc.) Visual posts to get Facebook real estate leads
  30. Switch it up occasionally by posting info-graphics.
  31. Hold charitable or client appreciation events? Take lots of photos, post them and don’t forget to tag who is in them.
  32. Motivational quotes, all gussied up Pinterest-style, are immensely shareable. Make your own at
  33. Keep an eye out for new real estate-related studies, such as those from NAR. Share some of the statistics (might make a great infographic).
  34. Interview or invite your vendors to guest post. An explanation of the lending process from your preferred lender, for instance or what happens during a home inspection from your home inspector. What interests your current clients?
  35. Pay attention to the questions you get from your clients and answer them.
  36. Take photos of different landmarks in your town but crop them so they are barely recognizable. Hold a Facebook contest where readers guess which landmark it is. You can run this one monthly and title it something like “How well do you think you know [name of your city]?”
  37. The 3 least expensive homes on the local market.
  38. The 3 most expensive homes on the local market – Check out this post on
  39. What you love most about your town.
  40. What are the most popular brunch spots in town?
  41. Post a piece about FSBOs and ask your Facebook followers, “Would you ever buy a for-sale-by-owner home? If so, why?” We know they think they’ll get a bargain, so you can have fun debunking the answers.
  42. Plan the perfect Mother’s/Father’s Day in your town. Here’s oneto get you going.
  43. The Insider’s Guide to [City name’s] Best [pizza, places to buy kids’ clothes, nightclubs, places to work out, etc.]
  44. Congratulate your clients’ successes selling or buying a home, or overcoming a real estate obstacle, with a photo of them posted to your Facebook feed. The Twin City’s Kerby and Cristina love sharing their clients’ photos.
  45. If you use informational client handouts (What to do with the Dog During Showings, explanations about septic systems vs. sewers) in your practice, link to them and share.
  46. Take some of the weird “holidays” and localize them. The Unity Home Group in Anchorage has inspiration for you to get started with this one and you can find a list of these holidays, here. Nothing like a good laugh to get the Facebook real estate leads
  47. Post funny real estate photos and ask for a caption. Check out this one from “Salt Lake’s Favorite REALTOR,” Dustin Brohm.
  48. Americans are crazy about celebrities. Post about some of the latest celebrity purchases and sales. “What the Rich & Famous Look for in a Home,” should spark some ideas for you and check out for celeb real estate news.
  49. Those weird holidays we mentioned? Post about “National Pet Day” and ask your followers to share photos of their pets, or on “National Day the Music Died Day” (February 3), ask folks to post which ear-worm song they wish would die.

If you’re still filling your Facebook feed with listings, knock it off! Engagement is the name of the game when generating Facebook real estate leads.

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