Let’s face it! Real estate agents juggle a million and one things at a time.  From enticing buyers and managing workflow, to selling properties. However, the most successful agents are those who spend time outside of work, gaining an extra step over their competition. Hence why reverting to the tools technology has provided, is excellent for marketing purposes and closing deals quickly. Below is a list of 5 real estate tools from 5 realtors, that make their workload a little easier!

1.Hector Aguilar

Hector Aguilar’s best technology tip for 2019 is to leverage text messaging and Facebook messenger. “I have noticed way better response rates from these forms of reaching out to clients when compared to e-mail marketing. An app that has helped me with this is MightyText, that can be used on laptop and cell phone. Texts show from your cell phone and can send up to 25 more messages at once.” There is a free and paid version of this app.

2. Tony Guglielmo

Tony Guglielmo with Allied Commercial,  believes that the Laser Measuring Tool helps with ceiling height, door size, and column spacing. Perhaps a potential buyer is curious about those high floor ceilings, and we all know those dragging tape measures can be a peeve. Laser Measuring Tools provide an easy instant measurement with just the touch of a button. Simple!

3. Handy Su

Handy Su with California Brokerage utilizes Canva. A simple graphic design app that provides customizable real estate flyers, to advertise your open house as well as featuring prime locations. You can import your own media, or choose from millions of photographs, layouts, fonts, and other graphics. Real estate agents have limited time to leave a good impression, Canva is great in providing the necessary equipment that realtors need, to persuade potential buyers into viewing a home.

4. Casey Tevault

Casey Tevault with Remax Top Producers likes to use CallAction. It’s a web application to automate the tracking and engagement of inbound calls across all marketing channels.  CallAction is engineered to help you convert your inbound caller leads. Consumers demand an immediate response, and the facts are that 50% of buyers choose the vendor or service that responds first, 49% of consumers expect an instant response, 70% interview one real estate agent, and 48% will buy a home with the first agent to respond.

5. Cesar Gomez

Cesar Gomez with Remax Top Producers’ technology tip to utilize Zillow. It allows real estate agents to build a strong profile, attract potential buyers, and provide unlimited free functions. Being a Zillow premier agent however offers two advantages: exclusivity and broader reach. Appearing as the exclusive agent promoted on a page for a listing boosts odds of getting full commission on a sale. With wider reach, premier agents can advertise on local listings provided by non-zillow premier agents.