Today, having an online presence is an important part of any business, and Yelp is a great tool for it. It makes it easy for local consumers to find you on the internet and even through their phones using Yelp’s mobile app. It’s Easy and Free Creating a profile on Yelp takes about 15 minutes at no cost to you. The setup is straightforward and allows you to upload photos and updates. Yelp even emails you tips and reports on how your business is doing on the site. Most importantly, it gives buyers a snapshot of your business, along with your contact information and user reviews. It Helps You Connect With Clients Yelp makes it easy to be found, especially for clients in your area. Director of Sales for Elite Group Inspection Professionals, Josh Niehaus, says that Yelp is “the first organic result for many keywords.” So, when people nearby search phrases such as “best realtor near me” or “real estate agencies around me” your business will pop up. Not only does Yelp help clients find you, but it also allows you to connect with them. When users review your business, you can comment on their posts and interact with them. This allows you to build a solid relationship and community with your clients by making them feel heard and appreciated. Good Reviews Are Good For Business The most intriguing part of Yelp is the reviews that customers write. Users can leave a rating from one to five stars along with a comment about their experience. Good reviews from others give prospective clients comfort about your business, compelling them to give you a chance. According to Niehaus, just one good review has the power to increase your business by 10%. Ten positive reviews can get you up 30%. He also mentions that a good goal is to be in the top 10 results when searched. If you are not in this group, Niehaus offers steps to attain this goal:
  • Add up the number of reviews of each profile in the top 10.
  • Divide that number by 10.
  • Whatever you end up with is the number of positive reviews you’ll need to land a top 10 spot.
Yelp is a great way to reach  today’s potential buyers. Simply set up your account and start connecting with them today.