Even for a master marketer the magic is hard work. Learn how to make real estate marketing work for you with Happy Turtle Marketing founder Courtney Brophy!

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Do you ever ask real estate marketing pros how they got into the business?

Most of us didn’t grow up dreaming about becoming a real estate expert.

And, like Easy Agent Pro founders Tyler and Robert, the same holds true for marketing extraordinaire Courtney Brophy.

Courtney runs Happy Turtle Marketing, a digital-marketing company that strives to help businesses grow and serve their audiences better.

Maybe you’ve seen Courtney around on our Facebook group, but here’s the deal…

When it comes to LeadSites, we trust very few people to help our clients get the most from our product.

Courtney is one of them.

Her grasp of real estate marketing is as good as it gets – she gets results.

While Courtney holds an MBA Digital Marketing, she didn’t go to college initially to become a real estate marketing professional.

Today we’re going to tell you how she went from working in public relations for a theater company, to being a trainer with Keller Williams when they launched the the eEdge Market System Leader, and finally how she got to where she is now.

Through Courtney’s impressive journey to becoming a leading real estate marketing expert we discovered the one secret agents can use to market smarter and land more of their dreams clients.

What she has to say might surprise you.

Ready or not, let’s jump in!

From The Stage To Home Staging

After graduating from a performance arts high school with an emphasis in musical theater, Courtney went on to pursue the arts in college.

Although she met her husband during this time, she quickly realized that the life of a touring performance artist wasn’t something she saw working for herself in the long run.

Luckily enough, Courtney was able to smoothly transition into studying business for the arts and get a more practical education – while still getting to enjoy performance on the side.

After college, she got into public relations and worked for a theater company.

Courtney credits much of her real estate marketing success to the skills she honed in the arts.

The level of creativity she gained while learning her craft gifted her a unique lens with which to view marketing.

“Theater people see the destination first and then put the puzzle pieces together to get there,” she said.

Having the end in sight before beginning a marketing campaign or project can definitely make strategy and implementation more cohesive.

She also discovered that her extensive training in acting and dance has allowed her to communicate with people in a more personal and authentic way.

So, how did she find her way into the real estate industry?

Courtney got her real estate license in 2010.

If you were active back then, you may have just cringed or had a good laugh over that one.

Courtney said this was a terribly year for real estate and an even worse time for new agents coming into the market.

But just as she pivoted from musical theater to business in college, Courtney recognized the challenges that faced her and adapted.

Instead of trying to fit her shiny circle in the tiny square of the 2010 housing market, she committed to learning everything there was to know about real estate marketing.

The first problem, she found, was that there weren’t very many resources readily available for her.

Agent websites were still living in the 90’s and the few agents and teams that had found their way to social media had little to no understanding of how to market themselves on Facebook or other platforms.

So, she invested herself in learning everything she could and set out to fill a very large niche for real estate marketing professionals.

Keep reading to find out how you can get a little of her magic in your business!

Mastering The Art of Real Estate Marketing

Courtney has learned a lot of things along the way.

Here’s what she found most all successful agents have in common as they work to become real estate marketing masters.

Most all successful agents accept what their skillset is as well the things that are not part of it.

This is not to say that agents shouldn’t spend time learning new things and challenging themselves, but often times if you try to do everything yourself you will end up not do anything well.

As Courtney put it, “Focus on your gift and don’t worry about the rest.”

Courtney suggests that agents do this by focusing on their gifts (skill sets) so they can learn to be unique in their job rather than following what others are doing.

Because what works for an agent in Tampa, Florida may not suit the market of an agent in Boston or Los Angeles.

Okay, but what if your gift isn’t in real estate marketing?

Perhaps it’s more focused on client relations.

Simply knowing what you do and do not excel at will unlock a world of possibility.

And luckily, we’re no longer living in the real estate climate of 2010.

You and your business can thrive and there are a ton of tools and resources literally at your fingertips.

All you have to do is choose what you will invest yourself in and give it 150% of your energy each day.

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The Myth of the Work-Life Balance

So, how do you balance your home life with the major time and energy you’re investing in your career?

As Courtney told us, you can’t.

The most enlightening part of our sit-down with Courtney was hearing her demystify the long-standing myth of the work-life balance.


Courtney owns two businesses, is a wife, mother, and loves spending time with her dogs and friends.

She is also incredibly passionate about and dedicated to giving back to her community.

Juggling all of these things on a daily basis is not possible, she says.

And we think she’s right.

Instead, Courtney said she strives for harmony.

Because the pie pieces will never be even, no matter how you slice them.

Each day, she focuses on achieving as many wins as possible.

So, when she has a successful work day, her family also sees the benefit.

And when it’s time to step away from the grind to devote time to her loved ones, she can return to business more refreshed and ready to dominate the next task at hand.

To maintain harmony, she focuses on fostering and protecting a positive and goal-oriented mindset.

No good can come from constantly being stressed out and operating in a fear-driven state.

Instead, she puts service first and focuses on being amazing at her job(s).

And encourages all real estate pros to do the same.

Each day, she sets aside time to read articles written by highly successful industry leaders to prime her positive mindset.

Part of protecting her mentality is steering clear of toxic environments.

Facebook groups are on the top of this energy-draining heep.

You know, the ones where folks go to complain, compete, and tear each other down?

Courtney doesn’t have time for that nonsense and neither do you!

Join our Beat Zillow Facebook group to add more positive vibes to your work day!

She also puts her energy into setting goals.




Courtney says that she physically writes down her goals at least once per day so she can be inspired by what she’s working toward.

Again, keeping the end-game in sight.

Meditating on her goals helps her to start her day with purpose and intention.

Because she knows why she’s there and why she’s putting every ounce of her energy into any given project or occasion.

Then, when an inevitable low-point hits, she has conditioned herself to be more durable and able to work through  the obstacles.

Why She Loves Easy Agent Pro

She recommends LeadSites as one of the top products available to agents today.

“Their focus on Lead Generation, Consumer-Centered Sites and Agent Education is unmatched in the agent website market today,” she wrote on her website.

In fact, Happy Turtle Marketing has designed products exclusively for agents to use with their LeadSite.

We love you too, Courtney!

Some of Courtney’s other current favorite real estate marketing tools are:


Canva.com is one of our favorites as well. It’s an approachable and easy way to up your design game in minutes!

No training, tutorials, or software needed.

They have custom templates designed for literally everything an agent needs.


This is more of a marketing and budget management tool. Courtney uses it to track all of her marketing dollars.

These days, it’s too easy to just throw $10, $20, $50 on a Facebook ad campaign without documenting your spending.

Soon enough, your monthly bill comes in and you have no idea where those funds went or what you have to show for your spending.


Emojis! 😍

Courtney believes that leads and clients respond to visual cues quicker than words, so that smiley face you include in your email subject line or Facebook ad copy might be just the thing prospects need to get clicking!


You’ll definitely be hearing more from us about Courtney and her awesome marketing services, so stay tuned!

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