To build single property websites or not to? That really is the dilemma!

As real estate technology continues to change and evolve, so does the most important aspect of a seller’s job…

Property marketing.

Of course, capturing leads and providing excellent service to them when they become clients is also significant, but neither of these things will be possible without marketing.

Property marketing has never been easy and now there are so many ways to list your homes that it can be difficult to decide where to put your time, energy and money.

Your client’s property needs valuable attention in order to sell.

How do you make sure that happens?

Sure, a lot of marketing is trial and error, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a fail-proof way to get your listings in front of buyers?

And make it easy for buyers to learn all about the dream home you’re marketing?

That’s a lot of questions to consider upfront, but none of these are the one property marketing strategy that is constantly on every seller’s mind.

The burning question…

Should I build a single property website? 

Read on to get your questions answered!

Why Single Property Websites?

First off, let’s define this.

Traditionally, a single property website is, well, all in the name.

It’s a website that is used to market a specific property.

One characteristic that makes them unique is the URL.

It will be the same as the address of the property.

Something like, for instance.

And sites like these allow you to totally customize the website experience for visitors and provide in depth details about the home that you may not be able to feature with an MLS listing.

They can look beautiful and simultaneously impress your seller while also attracting quality buyers.

However, there’s a great debate surrounding both the effectiveness and necessity of these sites.

Because building one, or multiple single-property sites if you’ve got a few listings, can eat up a lot of resources.

They take a lot longer to create than ads do and extra special attention to detail must be paid to ensure that your audience is impressed and motivated to take the next step.

And really, can ROI ever been 100% guaranteed?

Unfortunately not.

Whether you choose to roll single property websites into your long-term property marketing efforts or not, you should at least have the choice to do so.

And that starts with learning exactly how to build one.

Read on to find out exactly how to design a single property website.

Tools You’ll Need (Plus Costs To Plan For)

To make a DIY single property website, follow these steps:

Select a domain name and purchase hosting 

Before you can dive into single property marketing for your new listings, you’ve got to have somewhere to host it.

And a domain name.

Use your server of choice, or check out GoDaddy to get started.

It’s a smart bet to choose the actual listing address as your domain name, but you can always get creative here.

You can look back to your most successful SEO search rankings and see if you can pull something together from any of those terms.

Something like “” may rank better than the full home address.

As for choosing a host, here are just a few to consider:

  • BlueHost – monthly hosting begins at $2.95
  • Wix – starts at $5.00 per month
  • BoldGrid – begins at $3.49 monthly
  • SiteGround – $3.95 monthly starting price

Install WordPress

Once you get your domain and hosting setup, you need to install WordPress.

 Choose and Install Your Theme

Once you have WordPress up and running, you just need to install a theme!

You can use ThemeForest to find some visually captivating options.

Quick Sale is a real estate-specific theme that lends itself well to single property marketing.

It includes IDX integration as well as lead capture options and costs $59.

Now, you can get to designing!

The EAP Solution To Single Property Marketing

At Easy Agent Pro they’ve developed a full suite of lead capture apps for agents to use on their custom website.

One of the most loved apps is Squeeze, a custom landing page builder.

Recently, we launched 5 new templates agents can customize, including a single property landing page that agents can use as their very own “mini site.”

Complete with navigation tabs, videos, and beautiful photos, you can create an entire marketing presentation with a single landing page!

You can insert the price and update the immediate features.

Plus, it’s easy to include a brief write-up about the property and all the juicy details buyers need to close the deal!

You can also pull in an entire image gallery!

And all it takes to swap them out is a simple point-and-click.

If that’s not enough, it’s just as easy to upload a complete virtual tour of the property for folks to see right after they opt-in.


Lastly, you can include a list of property features and amenities that can be updated at any time.

Of course, you can follow a few of the steps above and create a single property website and plug it behind your squeeze page, but with so much information already available here, you don’t even have to!

You can lockdown this landing page with our LeadLock app (Via: Easy Agent Pro) to capture information up front before leads get to view all the exclusive details.

Check out the Landing Page featured on UpLabs

Or get a free Easy Agent Pro demo now!


Your leads are waiting.

Having solid marketing practices in place and solid tools will only help you sell your process and services to seller leads.

However you decide to tackle single property marketing, showcasing your listings is an important aspect of your business.

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