Communication is a big part of the realty business, but it can sometimes be one of the hardest. Due to busy schedules, emails may be one of the most timely means of communicating with coworkers or clients, but that doesn’t mean it is the most efficient. Emails are often described as impersonal which earn them a reputation for going unread or without response. With the help of BombBomb, your emails can stand out from the others, prompting more of a response. What is BombBomb? BombBomb is a service that allows you to take technology to a personal level with personalized videos that you can easily insert into emails, text messages, and social media. This system goes beyond video recording and into a world of other tools that help to optimize your communication with clients. Features That Benefit You Video Emails The best form of communication is face to face, but sometimes your busy schedule doesn’t allow for that. BombBomb’s video email service helps bring the feeling and effectiveness of face to face communication to the world of technology. 81 percent of those who used BombBomb reported that they get more replies because this easy to use system helps your email to stand out in a noisy, crowded inbox of text-based emails. Insight Tracking Once you send your video email, BombBomb also allows you to track interactions with it. You can track the percentage of opens, plays, and clicks. Such insights can be helpful in crafting content that your clients and coworkers value. Email Scheduling  For those with a packed schedule, remembering to send an email can be nearly impossible, and finding the time to record a new video email every day maybe even harder. Luckily, you can pre-record videos on a day where you’re not as crunched for time and schedule these emails to be sent out when needed. Ready-made responses  The system also allows you to save some premade responses for common email subjects like follow-ups, birthdays, or even welcoming new clients. You can even pre-record and save videos into these responses. Reminders BombBomb also offers reminders if an email hasn’t been opened by the time you choose so that you can be sure to send a follow-up. Create a personal connection with your clients with the help of BombBomb! Learn more about how BombBomb can help build your real estate business here or try it free for 14 days here!