In today’s world of Facebook and Instagram, everyone wants the most amazing photos taken. This is especially true when it comes to headshots. A headshot is your own personal branding and should show off some of your personality. Knowing that hiring a photographer is expensive, we have some tips on how you can take your own professional headshots.


What a Professional Headshot Consists of: 

#1 – It is framed from the chest up. 

#2 – The subject is looking directly into the camera.

#3 – Excellent lighting, the face is fully illuminated.


Backgrounds and Clothing for a Professional Headshot: 

The best background is a solid-colored wall. Indoors, that should not be a problem,  but if you want to be outdoors, it can get tricky. Pick a location that is not fussy, and allows your face to be the major focus. When it comes to clothing, again think simple. No loud prints or graphics. Pick something classic that you feel confident in.

The Buddy System:

We know it can be hard to capture your own great selfie, now may be the time to call on a friend for help. We all have that one friend that considers themselves a “photographer.” Call on them to direct you on your pose, where to move to get the best lighting, and to loosen you up! Have them take as many snaps as possible. Research photo apps, and download 1 or 2 use the app when editing your headshot, and add to that professional feel. Narrow down your headshots, to at least 15, and have your buddy over to help decide which is the best.


One of the most important things to consider, in a professional headshot is the lighting. Natural lighting is always the best. Even when taking indoor photos, be as near to natural light as possible, think of windows or skylights. Outdoors, go for diffused light, not full-on sunshine, that can capture the good and bad.

With a little know-how and the help of technology, a professional-looking headshot is at your fingertips. Snap away and capture a great one, you have got this!