You say your business is great, but why should the customer take your word for it? When your company provides services as important as real estate, people want to hear others’ experiences with those services. 


Client and employee testimonials are an effective marketing tool, and they should be a regular part of your marketing strategy. Testimonials are not only useful for providing content to your site, they also increase credibility, build trust, and humanize your brand. 


Check out our guide for incorporating testimonials into your marketing plan! 


Why Are Testimonials Important? 


Testimonials are so powerful. Just look at how essential they are to companies like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, and Yelp. Customer feedback is the foundation of their business! 


Real Estate is no different. Before signing up for your services, potential customers want to hear how you’ve helped others through such a monumental time in their lives. 


Essentially, testimonials are “word of mouth” advertising. They help to improve conversion rates by showing you are credible and can be trusted. They also make people more comfortable with your business. 


How Can Testimonials Be Obtained? 


You can get testimonials from past or current customers pretty easily. It’s as simple as reaching out and asking for them to write a few words about their experience with your company. Most people are eager to write reviews and share feedback! 


Video testimonials are incredibly powerful but more difficult to obtain than written ones. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask. After your customers have closed on their new home, ask them to record a quick video talking about their experience. It doesn’t have to be shot professionally. Smartphone filming can be high-quality, and it can also help the testimonials to appear more natural and authentic.


Where should testimonials be posted? 

Your business website should always include testimonials. Testimonials from previous clients can help to convert new visitors into customers. They also give your website life!


Testimonials provide simple yet high-quality content, as well, and they help prevent you from struggling to come up with content to share on your social accounts. 


Consider posting employee testimonials, too, as they provide the perfect opportunity to share the culture, values, and friendly faces of your company! 


When possible, include the picture of the customer or employee that is giving the testimonial. Pictures will even further increase credibility and build trust. Customers love putting a face to a name! 


Start to incorporate testimonials into your marketing routine, and you’ll see a huge increase in customer engagement. Get started today!