You’ve got leads, but where are your real estate clients? Create these Facebook ads to turn prospects into clients now. Full setup included in this post!

Every Agent wants to turn more quality leads into happy real estate clients.

Of course, the easiest and most effective way to reach new real estate clients is through Facebook ads.

The problem is…EVERYONE is doing it!

That means you need to stand out on Facebook so you can generate more real estate clients for your business.

And today I’m going to show you how to do just that.

In this post we’ll go through the complete ad setup you can use to promote your just sold listings and just listed properties.

Let’s get started!

Attention Over Impressions

Real estate agents know they need to leverage their just sold listings…they’re just not doing it as well as they could be.

And when it comes to converting your leads into your real estate clients, this is a huge problem.

First thing’s first, it’s time to adjust your perspective.

We’ve become a lead-centric industry.

So much so that our focus is often on the quantity of leads instead of the quality of real estate clients.

And while you need leads to convert to clients, make sure to keep the end goal in sight throughout your daily efforts and marketing activities.

Keep this in mind:

Clients = Attention 

What you can count on to increase your lead-to-client ratio, is the way in which you capture the lead’s attention.

Get more attention, get more leads.

Gary V also agrees that more value should be placed on getting a lead’s attention rather than relying on impressions to measure success -or wondering why those often large numbers aren’t converting to real estate clients.

Here are a few things he had to say on the topic:

We need to be talking about attention, not impressions.

The entire marketing world is obsessed with impressions. You might hear someone say “40,000 people saw this video.” But the truth is, they didn’t. They didn’t because as soon as the ad came up in video form, they clicked away to a new tab to look at something they actually wanted to see. But they count as an impression. They count as “seeing it.”

On TV, it’s the same problem. Nielsen sees how many people watch a TV show and they count those impressions against the ads that ran during the show. But as soon as commercials came up, people picked up their phones. They opened Facebook or Instagram. They aren’t engaged with the TV.

The pre-roll ad views. Commercial breaks. These are the impressions marketers are focusing on. Why?

Because the truth is this: for a consumer to get excited about something, to be compelled by something, it comes down to attention. Attention, not impressions. They need to really consume it. That is the game.

You can read the full post on his blog here: WHEN WILL MARKETERS TALK ABOUT ATTENTION, NOT IMPRESSIONS?

Are you ready to really engage future clients through Facebook?

Here’s how –

The Final Destination

Before you can serve a Just Sold/Listed ad to your Facebook audience, you need to decide where you want to direct them after they take action and click your ad.

You’re going to want to take them to a landing page on your website to show them the specific property.

Not the homepage of your website.

Not your latest blog.

Not a page on your site that houses all your featured properties.

And not a property valuation page.

You want to give them exactly what was promised in the ad.

This will keep their attention and start to build your agent-client trust.

Remember, no matter how hard you’re playing the advertising game real estate is a relationship-based field.

If you only provide the bare-minimum for your future real estate clients, they’re likely to never completely follow through and become the other half of that valued partnership.

But it doesn’t end here.

Your landing page should also focus on keeping the attention of your lead and even further piquing their curiosity.

Check out this one we made, as an example.

Now, let’s go through exactly what makes a page like this successful for a Just Sold landing page:

The Title and Subtitle

It can be easy to default to a typical title, but that won’t get the lead’s attention or encourage them to follow through with the action.

Really, there are several steps you’re asking them to take here to opt-in so make sure to give them something catchy to guide them and encourage that next step.

It’s not click-bait either. You’re just positioning your value in a fun and unique way.

The Call To Action

Instead of writing “Click Here” or “Submit” keep the excitement going.

“Tell Me What They Sold For!” is inline with the message so there’s no chance for a disconnect from the content.

Take this same formula into consideration when creating a landing page for a Just Listed ad.

Here’s a Squeeze Page template we offer that can put you on the right track.

All you have to do is customize it!

Instead of focusing on the headline or creating an in-depth Call To Action (which you totally can do as well), let your past real estate client experiences speak for you!

So, not only are you taking your lead to the featured listing from your Facebook ad, but they’re also seeing on-the-spot testimonials.

Now, it’s time to create your Facebook ad.

How To Get More Real Estate Clients On Facebook

Your landing page is good to go, so let’s setup your ad!

Head over to your Facebook Ads Manager and select your campaign objective.

For your Just Sold/Listed campaign, choose Conversions.

With a conversion ad, you’ll be sending people to your custom landing page. The action only counts as a success if they perform a designated conversion action.

Plus, Facebook will only deliver the ad to those most likely to take action and opt-in on your page.

Kind of sounds like the best of both worlds, right?

Whether you’re setting up a Just Sold or Just Listed ad, try out this campaign objective for both to get the best results.

You can also select Traffic as a marketing objective, but it’s not nearly as actionable or trackable as a conversion campaign.

Next, click Continue and now it’s time to create your target audience.

The best way to directly target buyers or sellers in your area(s) is to narrow your audience by specific zip codes.

You’ll want to first use the zip code for your Just Sold or Just Listed property.

You can then expand from there.

You can further pinpoint your perfect future clients by narrowing down the demographics.

If you’re targeting homeowners looking to buy through a Just Listed ad, make sure you let Facebook know!

It’s important to make sure you select Homeowners as a demographic and not an interest.

Then, you’re ready to setup your ad!

Facebook will automatically suggest placement specifications for you, but you can also edit them and select your own.

Even with such detailed targeting, you’re still going to be reaching a great deal of leads.

Device Types

You want your ad to be viewable on all devices as buyers and sellers will be using Facebook and searching for an agent just like you on both their smartphone and laptop.


You can choose to expand your ad to run on Instagram and you’ll have even more options if you upload a video ad, but for this campaign we’re just going to choose the ad to be shown in Facebook newsfeeds.

Finally, it’s time to move on to optimizing your ad delivery.

You can customize or change the length of time your ad will run or the bid amount.

Now, your ad is almost ready!

The next step is to select the format.

It’s easy to get real creative with your ad type. Carousals and video ads are great, but a simple visual will do for this one.

For your image, it’s best to use an actual photo of homes in your area.

Facebook will give you the recommended image specs – 1,200 x 628 pixels – and will also let you choose a photo from your library or free stock images they provide.

It may be tempting to just use a stock photo, but your ad will go further with an actual picture of the area.

And it will certainly be more attention grabbing.

Even if you can’t get an image of the exact place that sold or that you’re listing, a clean image of the neighborhood works great too.

Buyers and sellers are not only going to be looking at the property they’ll be investing in, but also the neighborhood in which they’ll soon be living.

After they opt-in to the form on your landing page, you can then send them a neighborhood guide or more information about the area.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

We’ve got an ad to publish!

It’s All In The Details

First, make sure you update the website URL and set the ad to link back to your landing page.

Then, it’s time to add text.

You can reuse your title and subtitle from your landing page as the ad Headline and Text.

This way, when they click through to the page, they’re reminded of exactly what they’re getting and who’s providing the service.

Keep the text positive, unique and uplifting.

Saying “Just Listed nearby in Fullerton” or “Just Sold – 4 bedroom 2 bathroom condo in Historic St. Louis Park” doesn’t exactly scream attention.

From Zillow to Craigslist, this information can be found anywhere.

Give them something MORE.

You can also add little emojis in your ad text to make it that much more captivating.

When people are scrolling through and being bombarded with text and image ads, a friendly little icon can be just the thing to break up the monotony and appeal to their curiosity.

Or at least make them take a closer look.

If you’re building out your ad from a laptop or desktop, check out emojipedia for all kinds of fun. Just search for the emoji you want and copy/paste it into the ad text box.




What I’m really trying to drive home here, is that you need to give your ad a bit of an edge.

Test this out for yourself. It can only help you to get to know your audience better.

Take that extra step to make it more appealing or relevant to your unique audience.

All you have to do now is place your order and your ad is good to go!

You’re Done!

And there you have it!

Your complete Facebook ad setup to land more real estate clients!

Give these campaigns a try and let us know how they work for you!


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