Today we are going to figure out the most effective ways to maximize your marketing budget in the real world.

Let’s do it!

Six months ago, here’s how we answered this question:

  1. Hire someone to write five blog posts per week on your website
  2. Hire a videographer to help you produce 2-5 videos each week
  3. Hire a social media person to get you those video views on Facebook and manage supporting networks

Take a second to write down your own answers before reading on.


We still definitely agree with these top three actions for a few reasons.

Your blog content will live forever, so producing consistent, highly valuable blog content is going to get you found on Google.

You can then, with the help of a videographer, make a video based on your blogs and publish it on Youtube, Facebook and share it on your blog.

And having a social media assistant or strategist to share your content would be a great investment.

We’ve come up with a few more ways we’d allot an unlimited marketing budget.

Let’s see if any of these new ideas match the ones you came up with!

Create eBooks

With an unlimited budget, you can hire someone to do this.

Or you can just task the top players on sites like Fiverr. Check out this article from Easy Agent!

You could also use power point.

eBooks will never go out of style.

And they can retain value as long as you update them as needed.

Now is actually the perfect time to make one for 2017.

Get Emails

Remember that social media assistant you’re hiring with all of your money?

Make sure they know their way around Facebook Ads.

Or, just show them this post.

Put your new eBook behind a Squeeze page or landing page and then make an ad to promote it to your Facebook audience.


After that, set up even more landing pages to get leads from Facebook.

Once you know who you’re targeting you’ll have an even easier time creating content that people actually care about.

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