Selling a home in the summer can prove to be challenging. People go out of town for long weekends, vacations, or maybe to visit family. Going to an open house might not be at the top of their summer to-do list even when they need to buy a new home.

Here are some awesome summer home selling tips.


1.Get the Home Inspected

The seller of the home should get a pre-list home inspection. This will help both you and them figure out if there is any aspect of the house that could cause a sale to fall through.

You might get a long list of findings, but don’t worry about addressing everything then and there. Work with the seller to decide what to fix now and what can wait.


2.Prepare the Exterior

Any season you try to sell you need to focus on the exterior and the curb appeal. A couple of ways to do this include:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim bushes and shrubs
  • Water the plants
  • Weed and mulch
  • Touch up any exterior peeling paint


3. Showcase the Outdoor Space

The best part about summer is how often you can relax and play outside. By showcasing the outdoor amenities of the home (like a pool, a large concrete patio, an outdoor BBQ, etc.), potential buyers will be envisioning themselves living in that space.


4.Schedule Your Open House Times Wisely

Since people are going out of town for weekend trips or week-long vacations, not many people are going to show up to your Saturday and Sunday afternoon open houses.

Sometimes the most convenient times for potential buyers is when they’re on their way home from work. For example, between 4 and 6 on any weekday.


5.Make the Experience Comfortable

This is one of the essential summer home selling tips. In the scorching heat of the summer, it’s important to make sure the people coming to the open houses are comfortable.

Here’s a tip from Elite Group’s Director of Sales, Josh Niehaus: “if you’re showing the property, make sure to arrive early to turn on the A/C.” You can also offer cold refreshments like water, lemonade, and iced tea! By doing this, you’re providing an oasis that encourages people to stay longer.

Hopefully, these summer home selling tips help you make the open house experience great for everyone involved. Not only will you have a sale, but you’ll also create great summer memories.