Your logo is an essential part of your brand. You put it on brochures, business cards, websites, social media pages, and more.

As a real estate agent, it’s extremely important that you differentiate yourself from every other real estate business out there. You need to create something memorable and representative of your brand that speaks to your customers.

Real estate business logos can prove to be cliche. Most times you see a name with a drawing of a house. It’s boring and unoriginal, and it’s time you came up with a great logo to capture your brand. Check out this list of the best and worst real estate logos.

Now that you’ve seen some examples, here are 5 helpful tips so you can create the perfect business logo.

Own Your Logo

There are a lot of real estate agents out there. You need to come up with a way to own your logo so that it is always associated with you.

As mentioned above, you don’t want to fit in the cliche of a name and a house drawing. You need to find a way to communicate that you are a unique real estate business and home buyers/sellers need to work with you.

Consider Your Values

You need to reinforce your values at first and second glance. Do you specialize in luxury homes? Are you all about finding families their perfect home? Find a way to reflect that in your business logo.


Colors are more important than you think when it comes to your logo. Do you want to stick to one color scheme? Or do you want to allow your logo the flexibility for different color schemes? These are important questions to consider when choosing the colors for your logo.

Head to a Logo Design Website

Not as artistic as you wish you could be? No problem! Business logo design sites like Canva and Logo Crisp guide you step-by-step through the logo design process. Both sites are free and provide numerous designs to choose from.

Hire a Freelancer

The task of creating a completely unique logo can seem daunting. You have a million other things to do, and you might not have the time to sit down and create your new logo. This is where a freelancer comes in.

There are some wonderful websites that help you find freelancers like Upwork and Fiverr. Interested in learning more about these sources? Check out this blog post!

Now What?

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be on the right track to a great design. Get out there and start designing your dream business logo!