As a real estate agent, you need to know who your audience is. Not only do you need to know them, but you need to create content that’s aimed towards their interests. 


Where to start?

Well, everyone is on the internet and everyone has seen at least one meme during their browsing time. 


What is a Meme?

It’s almost guaranteed that even if you don’t know what the word “meme” means, you’ve probably seen one in the past. 

A formal definition is that a meme refers to the way an idea spreads from person to person within a culture. They’re representations of ideas that involve an element of human creativity. 

Typically a meme will be presented as a familiar picture with some sort of phrase printed on the top and/or bottom of the picture.


Should You Insert Memes into Your Content?

Real estate memes are a great way to attract clientele, but you need to decide if memes are appropriate for your brand.

Memes are generally created and shared by younger audiences based on a broader online discussion. They’re essentially one large inside joke. If your marketing campaign is geared towards an older audience, then those prospective clients may not understand the reference.

Also, you need to take your brand voice into account. If your brand uses a serious tone, memes might not help you maintain your credibility or authority. It’s important to review your brand guidelines before you throw a meme into your content.


How Often Should Memes Be Used?

Use real estate memes sparingly. They become more effective that way! 

Memes lose their impact and bore your audience when you use them all the time. So make sure you’re paying attention to how often you’re using memes.


Don’t Use Real Estate Memes as Original Content

You can’t rely on memes to get your message across. 

Memes are meant to be a great addition to your content. They will enhance your information and keep your audience engaged. 


Think About the Memes You’re Using

When attempting to use real estate memes, you need to do your research. Sometimes the meme may have words that apply to your content, but the picture may have problematic connotations (i.e., racism, sexism, etc.). 

Also, sarcasm and irony may not translate well. Make sure your memes are straightforward and provide something fun for your audience. 

Real estate memes have the potential to be great for your brand. They are fun, engaging, and have the potential to attract many clients