Social Media and Realty

In today’s day and age, home buyers are going to the most reputable source: the Internet. They scan websites, look at pictures, read articles, and try to find the best deal on a home before even speaking with an expert. As a realtor, you need potential home buyers to scan your websites, look at your pictures, and read your articles so that they’re well-informed and only want to reach out to you.

Social media is how buyers are researching, so it’s important that you are present on different social media forums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Posting on social media allows buyers to see that you are personable and care about them finding the perfect home. Understandably, posting on all of these different websites can become a hassle; it’s time-consuming and may not allow you to see the results that you need. That’s where Hootsuite comes in.


What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a platform that allows businesses to schedule and manage social media content, as well as analyze social media interaction across all of your social accounts under one dashboard. All these features allow you to plan when you post content, where you post content and see how your followers are engaging with your content. You can also create a customizable search query, which you can then create a stream for. This stream helps you watch, listen, and engage your followers with content that pertains to them.


How to use Hootsuite

Using Hootsuite is fairly simple since you’re only dealing with one dashboard, but there is training provided that will show you:

  • How to manage multiple social media accounts
  • How to showcase your success by mastering the use of analytics and reporting tools
  • How to benefit from the applications in the Hootsuite App Directory
  • The ins and outs of Hootsuite’s Mobile app
  • And more!

Hootsuite is continuously adding new educational content for users. There are also certifications courses that show you how to become a top marketer in the real estate game.


Hootsuite and Realtors

Hootsuite is a great marketing tool for realtors. Posting on multiple social media accounts at the same time reaches a larger audience and expands your pool of buyers. It also allows you to engage more often with potential buyers. Here you can showcase your personality while making important business moves. Another great feature on Hootsuite is that after you set up a search stream, you can use Twitter parameters to place Geo-targeting to the end of your search term. You’ll be able to see the buyers in the areas specific to where you’re selling.

To explain how to utilize Hootsuite to your benefit, Josh Niehaus, Director of Sale for Elite Group Home Inspections, says, “Post once here, and it will automatically post to 3 social media profiles for free. This will save time. Remember, to follow the 80/20 rule when posting. 80% is about you as a person, and 20% is a tactful business post. Example- posting a video with clients receiving their keys to their new home.”

Some potential posts are:

  • Pictures from the area in which you are selling
  • Video tours of homes
  • Links to helpful articles
  • Contact information, to ensure that people know who you are

What are you waiting for? Find the Hootsuite plan that works for you!