In terms of getting in touch with clients, Slybroadcast is a very effective and simple way to do it. It provides one of the easiest ways to directly communicate and promote your business.


What It Is

Slybroadcast is a service that allows you to send voicemails directly to clients. These messages are ringless and automatically appear in the buyer’s voicemail box on both mobile phones and landlines. Director of Sales for Elite Group Home Inspections, Josh Niehaus, recommends using Slybroadcast, mentioning that you can send up to 10,000 voicemails at once and, at 4 cents per contact it’s “way cheaper than buying a stamp.”

According to the company’s president, Toufic Mobarak, many of Slybroadcast’s customers are realtors due to the ease of reaching so many people at once. Niehaus adds that it’s a great way to get the word out about things like open houses and FSBOs. With one message you can notify dozens or even hundreds of people about an expired listing.


How It Works

Using the Slybroadcast website or app on your mobile phone, you simply record or upload your audio message and choose who you would like to send the message to from your uploaded contact lists. This can range from a select few recipients to a mass voicemail message, and it can either be sent immediately or scheduled for the exact time you want it to go out. Slybroadcast also gives you the option to check on the status of your message campaign.


Why Slybroadcast?

Slybroadcast was the first of its kind. Before its invention in 2008, no other company was delivering ringless voicemails. Now, with a patent and over ten years under its belt, Slybroadcast is the most experienced in the business.

Mobarak says the best part of Slybroadcast is that agents will not have to waste time getting rejected by those who are not interested. They can simply leave their message and know that all recipients will hear it. He also points out that it allows agents to “keep communication personal, while not disturbing the receiving end.” Mobarak highlights that through Slybroadcast, you can keep things personal by using your own voice and words.

If you’re still not convinced, check out their website for testimonials from actual customers. There, you can also find pricing, usage tips, and more details about Slybroadcast’s services.