As a realtor, community is an important ingredient to keep a business thriving. Thanks to a game-changing app, MeetUp, you can not only experience doing what you love with groups of people but build connections and strengthen your business. This revolutionary app has what it takes to upgrade your brand.

How Realtors Can Utilize Meetup To Start Or Improve Their Business

    • You can generate real estate leads from local meetups.
    • You can attend and host parties through local meetups.
  • You can find a community through local meetups that can turn into possible business partnerships.

“Establishing rapport is very important when developing relationships. With Meetup, you can easily connect with people with similar interests and develop relationships that will turn into transactions.”Josh Niehaus, Director of Sales Elite Group Inspection Professionals.

How Meetup Works

First things first, signup + establish an account

Providing info about yourself helps the app match you with local groups you may be interested in:

    1. Assess your interests, as many as you’d like.
    1. Based on those interests and hobbies, you can join local “Meetup groups” that are based on the interest of your liking.
  1. Once you’ve been accepted from a pending group, you can sign up for the meeting of your choice that suits your time frame!

If you were interested in starting a Meetup Group:

Desktop – Start by clicking A New Group in the top navigation bar

Mobile – Click the Groups icon in the top navigation bar. Proceed by tapping the Start a Meetup group to begin

iOS- Click the Home icon, then +New Group besides the Your Groups section

You never know. When bringing hobbies and a connection together, the outcomes are tremendous and fruitful. Side hustles transition into careers, and ideas become movements.

The Meetup formula is powerful:

Thriving Communities + People Together = Getting More Out of What You Love