85% of potential buyers want to see a floor plan. If you’re trying to make a listing stand out with virtual tours and 3-D Models, Magic Plan is the all-in-one for real estate professionals. It allows you to create floor plans by scanning a room in 30 seconds, drawing out such plans with your fingertip, or import existing floor plans with ease. You can add objects, photos, or notes, considering the app captures and displays all measurements. This is the ultimate mobile solution to transform built space into data.

“Magic Plan is an app that can create a floor plan for a new listing. This app is free and can create a visual layout or blueprint of the property.” -Josh Niehaus, Director of Sales for Elite Group Professionals.

As A Realtor You Can:

    • Survey and build a comprehensive floor plan detailing room sizes and dimensions all from your phone.
    • Assist clients with both generating work estimates and staging their furniture.
    • Allow your work to flow, making this an indispensable tool for your company. Estimating materials and costs as well as placing markups.
  • Export floor plans into a number of formats.

Utilized as the most cost-effective tool for virtual tours on the market, Magic Plan transforms floor plans into 3-D models with a single tap. Which allows listings to stand out from its competitors. By connecting a 360-camera, Magic Plan allows you to create and automatically import 360 panoramas. To ensure the best results for any realty brand, you can also generate PDF reports and publish landing pages for properties. With more than 18 million downloads, used by real estate professionals all around the world, Magic Plan is the marketing tool to make your brand the BEST!