Marketing as a Realtor

Being a realtor, you understand that your job is marketing. You need to be able to display what you’re selling in a manner that is attractive and effective.

You also understand that a buyer’s path to purchase is a long and winding road that requires plenty of research and investigation on their part, and a ton of guidance and persistence from the agent.

Payoffs can be huge for dedicated realtors, but there’s also a good chance that a sale will fall through, and all of your efforts will have led nowhere. This is why it’s crucial for realtors to use the best possible technology, especially when it comes to a very common marketing channel: phone calls.

Not only is it important for buyers to call you and for you to call them back, but it’s even more important that you, as a realtor, utilize these phone calls to realize how you’re getting leads, how your leads get to your website, and what your leads want to buy.

Lucky for you, we have found that CallRail can help with all your call tracking needs.

What is CallRail?

CallRail provides call tracking for data-driven marketers. It provides a multitude of services so that you can analyze where your calls are coming from, who your calls are coming from, and what people are calling about.

This service is focused on customer needs, a willingness to take challenges head-on, and a desire to learn new things.

How Does CallRail Work?

CallRail uses powerful call analytics software by assigning a phone number to each unique online or offline marketing campaign. This allows you to understand which campaigns are driving your calls efficiently. As Josh Niehaus, the Director of Sales for Elite Group Professionals says, “Game changer! Use tracking numbers to find out what marketing channel is growing your business. Place a call tracking number on your different channels of marketing. Place a number on your email campaign, Zillow profile, profile, marketing flyers and look at how many calls and leads are being generated.”

Here are some examples of how online analytics can be tracked:

    • Google Ads PPC
    • Yahoo & Bing PPC
    • Organic Search Results
    • Directory Websites
    • Facebook Pages
  • Web Referrals

Here are some examples of how offline analytics can be tracked:

    • Yellow Pages
    • Direct Mail
    • Print Ads
    • TV & Radio Commercials
    • Flyers and Brochures
  • Billboards

In addition to assigning unique numbers to specific campaigns, you can also assign unique numbers to specific customers. CallRail will have a specific number displayed on its website based on where a customer came from. This number is displayed every time that customer comes back to the website to avoid confusion and promote consistency.

Once a customer calls, CallRail’s software allows you to know who called and what keyword(s) or pages they saw and used while they were online with you. “Once you know what is bringing you the most leads you can double down on that and increase the number of leads you receive. As a realtor, you will know where a majority of your business is coming from and take the guesswork out of where you get your leads,” says Niehaus.

Also, through CallRail’s multi-channel call attribution feature, you will be able to see each channel that leads visited before converting to your site.

What’s Next?

Thinking of trying CallRail today? Head to their website to find out how to start your free 14-day trial. This trial requires no contract and no credit card. Let CallRail help you analyze your calls so that we can reap the benefits of your great marketing strategies.