Working in the real estate business can make for a very busy life at times. Paperwork and meetings with clients and running all over the place is all in a day’s work. Luckily, zipForm Mobile is one of the best tools to help simplify and organize the chaos.

What It Is

ZipForm Mobile is a product offered by zipLogix, a company that specializes in software for realtors. It allows realtors to manage their transactions and client relations from their mobile phones or tablets. Director of Sales for Elite Group Professionals, Josh Niehaus, says zipForm Mobile is “awesome for realtors that are constantly on the go.”

How It Works

You can download the zipForm Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and create an account to get started. From there you can add calendars and contacts, create transactions, send e-signatures, and more. You can even upload documents, so you’ll always have them with you. ZipForm Mobile also uses a “device-responsive interface,” making it easy to view and use on your cell phone.

How It Will Change the Way You Work

As a realtor you are probably always on the go, hopping from place to place. This is why zipForm Mobile is the perfect tool for real estate. As Niehaus says, it “makes it easy for realtors to access all necessary paperwork from their mobile devices, saving time and driving back and forth to the office.”

You won’t have to worry if you left an important document at home or get held up on your way back to the office. Everything you need will be right there at your fingertips, providing the reliability and flexibility your busy life needs.