In the world of Real Estate, how do you set yourself apart from the other agents? How do you get that next client? The answer is to dedicate yourself to an area, know the ins and outs of every street and school, and become the neighborhood realtor expert.

Buyers want your expertise on what happens in and around the property they are interested in. How long will their commute be? Can they walk to the library? Do they have access to public transport? A neighborhood realtor expert knows and guides their buyer to the right property.

So how do you become a neighborhood realtor expert? We are glad you asked:


The internet is a great way to investigate a neighborhood. Many sites provide specific information on any given area. NeighborhoodScout is an excellent one. It provides you with crime rates, commute details, and what is special or unique to the area. Another helpful site is, punch in your zip code and get the score of the schools in your neighborhood. Finally, check out Transit Score to learn the availability of public transport.


The #1 factor for a buyer is the quality of the neighborhood. Spend time there. Go out, not only during the day but in the evening as well. Check out the coffee shops and restaurants. Know the most popular menu item and the best time to grab a latte. Volunteer on a community clean-up day. Know and build relationships with local businesses and building companies.


Use social media to your benefit. Post frequently about local events, talk up your city, and reach out to clients. Show off your knowledge, let people know what sets you apart. Consistently prove yourself a dedicated agent online and face to face. Your local market wisdom will earn referrals and build your consumer base.

Research shows buyers want a reliable and knowledgeable agent to help them navigate the real estate market. Now more than ever, is a perfect time for You to become an expert in your neighborhood.