As a real estate agent, you have a lot of competition, and you’re well aware that the industry is based on referrals. It’s time to start thinking about a more creative way to advertise, so you get more referrals, fast.

What better way than owning or leasing a moving truck to lend to your clients?

You can customize the truck with your contact information, your picture, anything you feel makes an impact!

But is advertising with a moving truck effective? The answer is yes. Let’s explore why.

Why Marketing with a Moving Truck Works

First off, everyone moving into a new home needs a moving truck. If you advertise the “buy or sell with me, use this truck for free” concept, then you’re already making the moving process easier for all of your clients.

Since you’re making the process easier for your clients, they’re going to spread the word about the benefit of having a truck.

Not only do you get this word-of-mouth advertising but you also get the organic advertising that comes from your clients driving the truck around. Your moving truck is now a moving billboard.

Did you know that your truck will make 600 impressions per mile it drives?

Also, you may not even need clients to be driving the moving truck around for it to be visible. By just having it parked somewhere, people will pass it, and the impression will have been made.

Another easy way to utilize your moving truck to its full potential is to let charities use it for their events! They’ll spread the word that you help the community by providing your truck and, again, you’ll get the organic advertising that comes from the truck being driven around and parked in prominent places.

How to Get a Moving Truck

On the Move is a truck rental company that not only gives you a truck but also helps you design the graphics you want for your billboard.

By visiting their website, you’ll be able to go through their steps so you can find the right truck for your business and your clients.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on a truck, so you can get your name and your real estate business out there.