Home inspections are not required in the State of California. Some lenders require that a home inspection is completed in order to fund the loan but this is not a common standard.

Home inspections are seen as a right the buyer of real property in California. The buyer can choose to exercise that right. However, it is not required that a buyer obtain a home inspection.

If the buyer chooses not to get a home inspection they will have to sign a waiver acknowledging that they are foregoing an inspection on the home.

Home inspections typically come into place when and offer is accepted by the sellers of the property and the transaction moves into escrow.  The home inspection is ordered by the buyers of the property.

A contingency period normally 17 days or less will give the buyer time to complete all necessary inspections on the property.  If a person decides they don’t want a home inspection they will have to sign a legal document acknowledging they are waving the right.