Mold inspectors are Certified professionals that are looking for mold conditions and mold growth in the property. Mold is a symptom of moisture intrusion. Water intrusion is the main source of any mold problem. A good mold inspector is trained to find the source of the problem. Mold inspectors use thermal imaging technology to look for moisture intrusion. They also use moisture meters and check for elevated moisture conditions. If stains are visible mold inspectors will swab the area and send the samples to a professional lab. If mold stains are not visible mold inspectors can conduct an indoor air quality test.

A machine is set up in the rooms of concern and an air sample is taken. A control sample is taken outside of the property. These samples are sent to a lab. The inspector will then compile a report based on inspection at the property and with the lab results.  The lab results will identify the types of mold present inside the home and help develop a proper protocol for treatment or remediation.

Mold inspectors are trained to sample the home for possible mold and moisture issues. Their reports can be used by remediation contractors to develop a protocol for remedy.